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Whether you laid it a month or a year ago, the laminate flooring on your floor starts to curl. Flood, humidity or bad pose, the causes are many, the solutions too.

Water, the n° 1 enemy of laminate flooring

Your laminate flooring may have been flooded. Window left open by heavy rain, shower of the neighbor from above leaking... In this case, intervene quickly and dry the curled area with an electric convector or a hair dryer, according to the extent of the damage.

In most cases, the blades return to their original position and recover flat. If you see there traces of moisture, avoid Sand the laminate that does not support this kind of treatment. Ask the manufacturer for advice. There are indeed repair kits that solve surface problems.

If the drying operation is unsuccessful, replace the damaged blades by gently removing them. Use caution to avoid reaching other blades.

And if you have big damage and you have to change all the parquet. Especially when a leak has not been identified quickly or is badly repaired, consider using your home insurance.

Curved laminate flooring, other origins

If your laminate has not been in direct contact with water, the problem may have various causes. Check that your furniture is well distributed. A very heavy piece of furniture can cause deformations. If this is the case, simply rebalance all the furniture.

The pose can also be involved. The expansion joint, this space that runs all around the room, between the wall and the first row of laminate boards, may be insufficient. To check, remove the baseboards. Then enlarge with wood chisel, if any, this space must be between 8 and 12 mm wide.

If despite all your efforts, your laminate flooring continues to curl, it is a chronic moisture problem that comes from the ground. It must therefore be isolated, if this has not been done beforehand or reinforce the insulating layer insufficient.

In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the whole and opt for an effective insulation like expanded cork, natural fibers, a vapor barrier... It is recommended to address you to a professional who will be able to advise you with precision, according to the degree humidity of your home.

Video Instruction: How To Replace Warped/Water Damaged Laminate Floor Boards