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The neo-classical style appeared in the middle of the eighteenth century, in reaction to the Rococo style deemed too loaded and too frivolous. Inspired by Antiquity, neoclassicism is a return to noble sources whose Etruscans, Greece and Rome are the political and moral models. Some milestones of this style rich in declensions. His current reinterpretations.

Neoclassical style in home decoration

Neoclassical style in home decoration

The concept of neoclassical style

Yes the neoclassical style makes his first steps with Louis XVI furniturehe really appears thanks to the Scottish architect and decorator Robert Adams. The concept is based on sobriety of the lines and the outline, in this context, the ancient model of Adams is Etruscan.

The major themes appear, still taken today. The columns rush into the door frames. The ceilings are adorned with caissons, plinths with friezes, windows with hangings and some fresco walls. The furniture takes simple and geometric shapes like curule chairs.

Brown wood dominates alternating with marble and stone. The tones are pastel: beige, gray, blue, yellow and pale green. Black, red and gold come to create the contrast. The only concession to royalty, the wealth of fabrics and the abundance of mirrors and cascading chandeliers.

The theatrical aspect and statutory does not escape. By 1920, the Art Deco style supplanted neoclassicism, Antiquity is considered dusty and falls to oblivion.

Neoclassical style and its current interpretations in deco

Today, neo-classicism revisited is the happiness of interior designers. It is above all to dose the effects and make a user friendly universe that would quickly tend to a free pump and some discomfort. And everything is allowed to the designers or almost.

Japan's screens and large vases invite themselves in all simplicity. Bronze, trinkets, simple lines quickly find their place. The furniture retains geometric lines and blends with Art Deco pedestal tables or avant-garde sofas. The carved woodwork hides dressings...

The design-shaped glass luminaires make the ceiling a brilliant nod to the classic chandeliers. If wenge wood remains a constant, it is surrounded by gray and matt black or satin for a very cozy atmosphere. But pastel tones still have the coast. The pale yellow or gold flakes awaken the cream tones reflected in majestic mirrors.

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