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The new diamond door connected by Picard Serrures

Picard Locks presents the first communicating security door, an anti-burglary and anti-aggression door, at a time when a majority of French * (55%) consider that the security, and more generally the connected objects in the house, have a beautiful future in front of them. Many see a simplification of life (43%) and an opportunity to intervene remotely (18%) in their home. With its new security door, the brand now encourages individuals to move from passive to active security, adopting a connected security door, equipped with a particularly innovative video surveillance.
* Source: IAB study on French people and connected objects conducted by Médiamétrie

A connected door that delays break-in

The connected diamond door from PICARD LOCRURES

The connected diamond door from PICARD LOCRURES

The new PICARD LOCRURES Diamant anti-aggression door is equipped with all the equipment to guarantee a remarkable protection of the house: it is equipped with a multi-point lock (A2P * certified, the door itself is A2P BP1 certified), a Vigie Mobile® high security cylinder and high quality materials. This product is designed to evolve over time based on future brand innovations. This door can be equipped with a remotely controlled motorized electronic lock.

The new diamond door connected by Picard Serrures: connected

A door that detects attacks

A door that detects attacks

Today, the fact of being able to delay an intrusion in a significant way (like all PICARD LOCRURES doors), is no longer enough in the eyes of some. It is necessary to combine immediate detection and rapid intervention. The new smart door PICARD LOCKS meets this double concern.
For this, this next-generation armored door is equipped with detectors associated with an "intelligent" video-surveillance: it marks the attempts of aggression using a built-in shock detector which triggers a recording of the facts via a camera very discreet exterior viewing everything that happens on the landing (in compliance with the legislation on video recordings).
Thanks to this equipment, the connected Diamant armored door guarantees to the individual an immediate detection during any attempted break-in of which a very secure data center is informed in a secret place.

A connected alert for rapid intervention

A connected alert for rapid intervention

Diamant uses a BlueSecur technology, conforming to the highest current standard of security. All you need is an electrical outlet and an internet connection to install it and allow the door to intuitively access the services of a CCTV considered "smart", and this day and night and 7 days on 7.
Any attempt of aggression generates an alert to the individual, immediately available on his smartphone (dedicated iOS or Android application) or on a computer by a web browser. For faster, situation-specific intervention, the Connected Diamond Door can also be connected to a certified remote monitoring center, whose call center is located in the country. Different remote services can be offered (permanent monitoring of housing or intervention on site in case of break-in).
This innovative technology makes the connected Diamond door the first communicating armored door burglar-proof and anti-aggression. It secures, detects and alerts by responding to the latest developments in the sector.

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