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New PTZ opens up to old housing

Formerly reserved for new housing, the PTZ + in other words the loan at zero rate strengthened, now opens to old housing. Thus, according to the decree of May 3, 2012, the purchase of an old home in first-time accession, after completion of large-scale works, is assimilated to the acquisition of a new home. A breath of fresh air that should delight future buyers at the sight of the current real estate market. However it is possible to benefit from this loan advantage only under certain conditions. That 's why this week HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover the subtleties of the new PTZ + version 2012.

The housing concerned

The Zero Rate Loan is available to old housing as part of the construction of works that allow to consider the housing as new in the fiscal sense of the term. In other words, this work must have a standard VAT rate of 19.60% and not a reduced rate of 7%, as is the case for improvement or maintenance work. Namely that the respect of one of the 4 following conditions makes the housing in new condition according to the general code of the taxes:

  • The addition or replacement of more than half of the foundations, the addition or replacement of more than half of the non-foundation elements, determining the strength and rigidity of the structure such as load-bearing or external walls, load bearing floors, buttresses, structural elements....
  • The addition or replacement of more than half of the façades (excluding renovation)
  • Works that make nine more than two-thirds of each of the following 6 elements of second work: floors that do not determine the strength or rigidity of the work, exterior frames, interior partitions, plumbing and sanitary facilities, electrical installations and heating systems (for buildings located in metropolitan France only).

Lastly, the amount of aid available to purchasers of old housing with heavy work varies between 26500 and 139200 euros, depending on the composition of the household and the geographical area on which the dwelling depends.

New PTZ opens up to old housing: work

The conditions for awarding the PTZ +

In contrast to the old PTZ +, the new zero rate loan is now subject to means tests. Thus, the most affluent households may not enjoy it. Since January 1, 2012 (date of issuance of the loan offer), the first-time borrower (the loan can only be granted to persons who have not owned their principal residence in the two years preceding the request) must therefore justify a total amount of resources equal to or less than a ceiling, depending on the location of the dwelling and the composition of the household.

Number of persons
in the foyer
Zone A *Zone B *Zone B 2 *Zone C *
143 500 €30 500 €26 500 €26 500 €
260 900 €42 700 €37 100 €37 100 €
487 000 €61 000 €53 000 €53 000 €
5100 050 €70 150 €60 950 €60 950 €
6113 100 €79 300 €68 900 €68 900 €
7126 150 €88 450 €76 850 €76 850 €
8139 200 €97 600 €84 800 €84 800 €

* Zone A corresponds to the Île de France and areas with strong real estate pressure such as the French Genevois or the Côte d'Azur. * Zone B corresponds to the large agglomerations and the Overseas Departments. * Zone B2 corresponds to the smaller agglomerations. * The communes of zone C are those which do not appear in the lists indexing zones A and B, in other words those with the least real estate pressure. PTZ + in practice.

In order to qualify for a zero rate loan, you will need to get closer to a state-licensed bank. You will be asked for a complete file as on a traditional loan with more documents proving not to have been the owner of your principal residence during the last 2 years preceding the loan offer, that your home will be your main residence and that you respect the resource ceilings and the nature of the work. In addition, the repayment profile of the PTZ + granted to the buyer will depend on his income, the number of people to occupy the housing, and the location of the housing. He will repay his loan for a period of between 8 and 25 years. The higher the income, the shorter the loan term will be.

Finally, the PTZ + can be combined with all kinds of loans, both conventional loans and "social loans. ".

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