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My house is from 1985. I had all the windows (PVC) changed as well as the entrance door. I have an electric heater and a single flow VMC. On the windows, there is no ventilation grid. Is this normal ?.

of the ventilation grilles probably have been implemented, given the configuration of the premises and the presence of a VMCbut it is not an absolute obligation if the air renewal has been taken into account. You can send a letter (LR / AR) to the company and ask them about it. In fact, it must first be checked that this absence does not provoke mold, from condensation and various problems related to insufficient renewal of indoor air. If these problems occur (it's usually quite fast), it will still be time to come back to the company, with your first letter worth reserves of the company, so that it adds ventilation grilles, provided that this is technically possible. Otherwise, these additional air intakes will have to be implemented at the level of the walls or those of the enlarged VMC.

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