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New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity to meet friends and / or family to spend pleasant moments in a warm atmosphere. To sublimate these moments, we always pay particular attention to the decoration of the house. Several themes and styles can inspire the decor, here are some ideas here...

New Year's Eve: deco ideas for the house

New Year's Eve: deco ideas for the house

New Year's Eve: choose a theme

For a personalized and original deco for New Year's Eve, choosing a theme is simply unavoidable. We can opt for a chic style, romantic, nature, Zen or then instead choose a theme focused on color (red and green, pink, blue, silver, gold...). The theme can be adapted throughout the house, not only in terms of decoration, but also menus and animations.

Here are some ideas of themes among the most trendy: cinema and Hollywood to put themselves in the skin of Stars, cartoons, sci-fi or fantasy for amateurs, tropical atmosphere to bring some sun, evening white, red and black or black and white.

And music side, concoct an evening 60s, 70s, 80s or 90... or a mix for all generations to have fun.

New Year's Eve: deco ideas for the house

Once the theme has been chosen, we turn to the elements of decoration, whether it is the decoration of the walls and the ceiling, the small surprise gifts scattered everywhere or the art of table dressing. Everything must be matched and harmonious so that the magic operates.

The decoration of the Christmas tree is still relevant even in the New Year, and in this area there is a multitude of ideas from the most classic to the most extravagant and colorful. Many sites such as is a fun platform that gives a source of inspiration no limit.

In any case, you can find a myriad of accessories and objects to decorate a house: Table runner, ribbon, candle holders, streamers, glitter, light garlands or not) or else balloons

It is also very likely to make oneself decorative objects.

New Year: a festive moment!

Do not forget that the New Year is a joyous and entertaining moment where the champagne must flow freely and the gifts distributed at will. No need for expensive gifts, but small personalized or humorous presents make the atmosphere explode. To avoid spending time in the kitchen preparing dishes, it is advisable to make a buffet where appetizers, toasts, salty and sweet bites, are available to guests.
It only remains to prepare your house to enter happily in the year 2016...

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