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Owner of a house on street with average traffic, we had our facade insulated from the inside: rock wool. Our windows are new pvc glazing phonic. Our door is also new pvc glazing burglary anti-intrusion. The result should be satisfactory but we have the impression that now all the noise goes through the door. What can we do to improve things? I specify that the front door gives directly to the main room of the house. Is it possible to install a double glazed door only inside. We noticed that the sound passes less when our shutter is down, but we can not leave it closed all day! I specify that our possede 2 windows.

Obviously, you have achieved excellent sound insulation, but only a part of your home. Of course the noise does not enter your door any more than before, but you notice it more, since you have isolated other parts of the house, by or more noise penetrated before. You can do two things: reinforce the peripheral seals of the door (this is often where the noise goes); or place inside a "door" thick fabric (but of course you will lose the advantage of glazing...). If that's not enough, all you have to do is replace the door with an acoustically insulating model...

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