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I have a lean-to a single pan of roof attached to the house. The creeper is 4m and the length 9m. The current cover is sheet metal. The problem is the noise generated when it rains. I would like to put tiles instead but the slope is only 18° (or 24%). I can not find any tile for this slope. As a result, I may have sealing problems. So I looked at 2 other solutions to improve the acoustics: 1 / Put battens directly on the sheet and put the tiles over. In this case the gutter should be well placed to recover the dripping water on the sheet. In addition, I will have to strengthen everything because of the weight. 2 / Leave the sheets and put the glass wool between the rafters and then the frieze on the rafters. But will that be enough to isolate noise? Should we put a part-steam?

Your two solutions are complementary: the laying of tiles will have an aesthetic character and the insulation will be both thermal and acoustic. It must of course a vapor barrier, inside the garage. There are also plates of poystyrene conforming to the waveform of the sheet but the result is average and it is very difficult to find. Finally you can stick under the sheet a sound insulation foam type No-noise from Onduline.

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