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Processionary caterpillars form nests (cocoons) hanging in the pines. Destroying nests is an effective way to stop their invasion and avoid the processions of these very stinging insects.
Here is how to proceed with the elimination of a nest, step by step. This does not excuse to take advice from a professional. In this case, it is possible to refer to our page devoted to this subject: "Calling on a disinsectisation company".

Unhook a nest of processionary caterpillars.

It is possible to unhook the nests of processionary caterpillars with an echinarium.

Necessary material

  • Protection (gloves, protective clothing, glasses, hat)
  • pole
  • Telescopic Spreader
  • Water basin
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Shovel
  • Matches or lighter

The 6 steps to destroy a nest of processionary caterpillars

  • Carefully observe the sick pine and processions of caterpillars on the ground. Spot the nest (s), often located very high, at the end of the branches.
  • Favor a day without wind and the coldest possible to take action and equip yourself with all the protective equipment necessary.
  • Prepare, at the foot of the tree, the basin of water mixed with dishwashing liquid.
  • Section the branches that support the cocoon with caution and delicacy, using an awning, preferably telescopic. Then get off the whole thing without a sudden gesture.
  • Immediately plunge the nest in the basin so as to drown it. Leave it there for several hours.
  • Take out the cocoon and dry it. Dig a hole in the ground, bury it and make a fire to burn it.
Warning: if caterpillars are still alive, there is a risk of hair explosion.
As a bonus : discover how install a processionary caterpillar trap on the trunk of a pine.

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