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A tenant may terminate his lease at any time, provided that he complies with certain formalities. Indeed, he can take leave of the accommodation after a notice whose duration varies according to the situation. The end of rental notice in detail in this article.

Form and content of the end of lease notice

Any tenant who wishes to take leave of his home must first send a notice of departure to the owner-lessor via:

  • a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt;
  • or an act of bailiff;
  • or delivery by hand (a signature or receipt must then be returned to the tenant).

To note: any other form will not be accepted (text, email...)

Although not subject to any regulation, the mail notice must still specify:

  • the date departure of the tenant (according to the notice period);
  • the reasons his departure (only when the period of notice is reduced at 1 month)

The tenant can not reconsider his decision once his notice is sent to the landlord. Unless this one is favorable to it that it finally remains his tenant.

To note: the notice of departure of a housing collocation commits only the roommate who is the author.

The deadlines of the end of rental notice

The notice period takes effect from the receipt of the letter of discharge by the owner. During this period, the tenant continues to pay your rent even if he has already vacated the dwelling. Depending on the situation, the notice period may be one or three months.

Warning: in order for the notice period to be reduced to one month, the letter of leave must imperatively specify the reason for departure.

circumstancesNotice period
General case 3 months
Tenant benefiting from the RSA or a disabled adult allowance1 month
Reason for departure related to the tenant's health
Obtaining a first job or a new job
Job Loss
Obtaining social housing

To noteIf he finds a tenant for his dwelling before the end of the notice period and his former tenant has already left the premises, the owner-lessor can then dispense with the payment of the last months of rent.

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