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Equipped to operate with power tools, this device seduces by its regular aspiration, efficient and without dust discharges.

Construction vacuum cleaner


Main advantage of this vacuum cleaner: it is equipped with an unclogging system ("Autoclean") that cleans the filter every 10 seconds. Three types of apparatus are proposed, corresponding to the categories of quantity of dust per volume of air classified according to the "limit value of occupational exposure" (OEL): degree of harmfulness low (Low or L), medium (Medium or M ) and high (High or H). The vacuum cleaner tested is intended for conventional construction sites such as the removal of plaster or tile adhesive (class L). The range also includes a device suitable for mineral and wood dust (class M), and a vacuum cleaner dedicated to hazardous dust, asbestos type (class H).

Getting started

Three control buttons activate the start, the suction flow and the automatic cleaning of the filter. The built-in socket is for connecting a power tool. For optimum performance - and clean air - it is recommended to always use the unit with a filter bag (rubble). For the aspiration of liquids, the tank must be empty (without bag).

In use

The compact shape of the device gives it good stability. It's easy to handle thanks to its large rear wheels, small front swivel wheels and large retractable handle. Every 10 seconds, a dry tap indicates the start of the unclogging system. The suction vacuum is high and steady. Small rubble, metal residues, sawdust, plaster dust... are swallowed effortlessly. During suction, no backflow of dust or rejection of particles. But it is essential to use a dust bag (41 € for 5) for the device to filter effectively... In suction mode of liquid, two dry sensors automatically stop the engine when the tank is full.

Maker: Protool Reference: VCP 260 E-L AC
Absorbed power: 350-1200 W
Max flow: 3,900 l / min
Maximum depression : 24,000 Pa
Tank / filter bag: 26/24 l
Dimensions: 673 x 365 x 455 mm
Weight: 14.5 kg
Supplied accessories: 2 dust bags (including a tank protector for the suction of large waste)
Public price: 652 €

Opinions on a vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning filter: vacuum

The built-in socket allows you to connect a power tool to the vacuum cleaner. The user has more than 3 m of hose.

Opinions on a vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning filter: self-cleaning

The use of a bag is recommended to ensure both the longevity of the vacuum cleaner and the quality of air filtering. The bag must be discarded after use.

• Efficient and regular suction
• No ebb of dust
• Ease of movement
• Good ground stability
• No cleaning kit provided (86 €)
• High purchase cost

Our opinion
Particularly well designed, this vacuum-tight and no-return vacuum makes it possible to clean up the atmosphere of a building site as much as possible. It is manageable, efficient and easy to use. Its price is its main fault!

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