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Can you tell me about the smoke detectors that will seem to me mandatory from March... We are young owners of a house with full basement and attic (which are isolated). My question is about the number of detectors to ask ?! Should we put a detector on each floor ?! We have an open fireplace... In short, we are waiting for your best advice on this subject! In advance, thank you very much!

The regulations specify that a smoke detector must be installed per dwelling. It must be mounted as high as possible, generally on the ceiling, in a traffic area or in a corridor serving the rooms. It is advisable to put 1 per level (excluding basement), usually on the stairs or in the landing to access the rooms for the floor. In your case, it is particularly important to move it away from the chimney to avoid nuisance tripping. It is not used in kitchens and bathrooms (where the detector can be deceived by the emission of cooking fumes or water vapor.

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