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The rental of a furnished apartment has the same basic requirements of decency and security as those of an empty rented house, but the owner must also provide the furniture. The regulation on furnished is more flexible at the moment but the recent law Alur has the project to strengthen the obligations for the lessor of a furnished.

Decency of furnished housing

It must be remembered that regulations Renting a furnished apartment is more flexible than renting an empty dwelling (lease term, guarantee, notice, lease, tax). However, in terms of decency and security, the regulations are rigorous and the landlord is required to provide furnished housing respecting the standards in force.

All facilities must guarantee safety and health the tenant with a heating system, electricity and drinking water complying with safety standards. The amenities of a furnished can allow a tenant to live immediately in the housing in good conditions. The obligations of the lessor of a furnished property also include a minimum living area of ​​9 m².

The obligations of the lessor of a furnished house: the furnishing

No text really specifies what should be the housing to be considered furnished, but some jurisprudence and common sense still allow to establish a list of a minimum of furniture for everyday use. The goal is for housing to be ready to be inhabited immediately and that the tenant is only his personal belongings and his suitcase to ask to live decently in housing.

On the furniture side, there are classic equipment such as bedding, furniture in all rooms for storage, a table, chairs, appliances (hob, fridge...), kitchen utensils... The living rooms, kitchen, bathroom must provide enough comfort and be healthy. In the event of a tenant / lessor dispute, the dwelling may be described as an "empty rental" by a judge if he considers that furniture is not enough, and in this case the legislation is more restrictive.

The Alur law

The Alur law (access to housing and renovated urban planning) published in the Official Gazette of March 26, 2014 makes certain provisions to strengthen furnished rentals with the management of rents in certain so-called "sensitive" areas, the establishment of a contract rental type with mandatory information, the reduction of the period of return of the deposit, the lengthening of the winter break...

Recently, the Macron law passed on February 19, 2015 brought some small changes to clarify the Alur law. Thus, the texts concerning holiday rules, the inventory of fixtures or the approximation of legislation between furnished rentals and bare rentals, have become more precise.

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