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To succeed in oiled parquet it is important to saturate the product wood from the beginning. A wood that is not sufficiently impregnated clears in a few weeks, even in a few days.

The test of the water drop, which must roll on the surface of the wood, will indicate if the saturation is sufficient.
Favor oil finishes for treating greasy (teak, olive) or very hard (merbau, ipé) wood.
On old soils, the oil warms the natural shade of the wood and may cause the old waxes to become encrusted in depth. In this case, the result will be darker than what would have been achieved with a new floor. If the floor is reached by what is commonly called "gray", it is necessary to eliminate this gray before treatment, performing a sanding operation. Otherwise, it may darken when applying the oil.
During the 3 weeks following the application, do not let water stagnate on the floor.

Application of the first layer of oil on a floor

Stir the oil well before starting and during work.
Apply generously the first coat, using a flat brush (spalter).

Wipe the oil of a floor

Allow the oil to penetrate the floor for 30 minutes, then wipe off the excess with a lint-free cloth.
Do not touch it for at least 12 hours.

Oil a floor: parquet

Gently sand with fine-grained sandpaper to restore a slight roughness to the wood.
This will facilitate the impregnation of the next layer.

Application of the second layer of oil on a floor

Apply the second coat, then remove the excess again after 30 minutes.
On very absorbent wood (beech, fir), a third layer is required.

Video Instruction: Oiling wood floor with wood oil Premium Oil by Dr. Schutz during restoration and renovation