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The OPAH (Programmed Improvement Operations of the Habitat) are tools of assistance to the unions of co-ownership based on the partnership of three entities: the local authorities, the State and the Anah (National Agency of the habitat). The purpose of OPAH is to allow the prevention or rehabilitation of condominiums in difficulty, to carry out essential work to initiate their revaluation.

Targeted help for condominiums

Only co-ownerships that have great difficulties can qualify for OPAH assistance. Another condition, the principal residences must represent at least 75% of the dwellings of the co-ownership. The public authorities have invested through the OPAH in the aid to condominiums, despite it being a private sector, for avoid catastrophic drifts that can flow from deterioration in a building.

Are concerned, condominiums that encounter financial, technical or social problems. We thus generally find buildings that have damage, unpaid charges, poor maintenance of common areas, damage due to a disaster, mismanagement of the condominium, environmental problems or solvency of co-owners. Even if the procedure is intended for less important situations than in the case of a backup plan for a co-ownership, it allows stop the devaluation one or more lots of dwellings.

Works in the framework of a OPAH condominiums in difficulty are very varied and can treat all types of areas. The actions concern first of all the training and the information of the co-owners, the settlement of certain management problems (unpaid, reduction of the waste, control of the loads...), the improvement of the common parts and their maintenance and bigger ones. works as needed.

Detail of the aid

The procedure "OPAH co-ownership difficulties" was created in 1977 and is governed by the Code of urban planning and by the Code of construction and housing, within the framework of grants from Anah. The grant application is initiated either by the local authority or by the EPCI (Public Institution for Inter-municipal Cooperation) responsible for housing.

As a first step, one of these two entities must perform a diagnosis, establish a strategy and a work program to submit a file for acceptance of the project. If the file is accepted, then the subsidy is paid directly to the co-ownership (syndicate) for all the subsidizable work. Anah finances work in condominiums that have been completed for at least 15 years.

The rate of participation OPAHs at work are based on the level of urgency and the allocation of the grant. Generally, the aid corresponds to a maximum of 35% of the total cost of the works. In order for the aid to be validated, the work must be carried out by building companies registered in the Trade Register or the Trade Directory.

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