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An open fireplace is much more aesthetic than a closed fireplace because it reveals the flames. Open to the outside, it is often faced with problems of flue gas draft or discharge because of its size and the quality of the installations.

What is the draft of a chimney?

The draft of a chimney is the term used to designate the suction pressure of the gases generated by the combustion. These gases move from the bottom to the top of the chimney through the vent.
Strong draft is when the gases (or smoke) are sucked in or move rapidly and draw slowly when the smoke is slowly discharged. An open fireplace frequently encounters draw problems too weak or even repression when the fumes do not evacuate at all. Be careful not to confuse draw and yield. The first concerns only the evacuation of fumes and does not change the performance that concerns, in turn, the performance of your chimney to restore heat.

Lack of draft of a chimney: the causes

If you meet a problem of lack of circulationis that the duct and the opening of your chimney are poorly proportioned.
Be aware that your chimney must measure at least 4.6m. It must extend at least one meter from its highest point of intersection with the roof and at least 60 cm from obstacles within a radius of 3m. The higher the duct, the wider the air draw and the better the draw.
If your chimney meets all these prerequisites and you still have draw problems, it is possible that the materials and the quality of the installations are involved.

Do not forget either that the duct of your chimney must be as straight as possible and that if deviations are mandatory, it is important that they are the least pronounced possible to avoid slowing the evacuation of smoke.

How to remedy the lack of draft of a chimney?

It is sometimes possible to remedy printing problems by doing a few simple things. think to reduce the opening of the chimney so that its proportions adapt better to those of the evacuation duct. Put in the hearth, some bricks to raise the firebox. You can also lay a block on each side to reduce the width of the fireplace. It is also possible to proceed to the elevation of the duct if it is not long enough. The operation will, however, be a little more complicated to set up. Some resort to a draft regulator to find a solution to the problem.

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