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Open kitchen, instructions for use!

In small city apartments as in large houses, more and more kitchens are invited to the living room. From now on, the kitchen area is open and proudly displayed in the center of our homes. The opening of the kitchen should not be done lightly, otherwise you could pay the cost. That's why, this week, HandymakerDuenchanche takes stock of open kitchens.

The different configurations.

The different configurations

There are several possible configurations for your open kitchen. It can be American style, separated from the living room by a bar that serves as a work plan or dining table. The latter is most often in the form of a U, an L or an I, to choose according to the available space and the number of appliances to install. Finally, you can opt for a central island including sink, hob, and all appliances, except the refrigerator and freezer. Note that this type of installation, very technical, requires the intervention of a qualified professional to bring electricity, water and possibly gas from the ground.

The advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages

Open kitchens are particularly appreciated for their friendliness. They make it possible to prepare the meal in the living room while remaining in the center of conversations. They also enlarge the volume of the living room; significant space savings in small apartments where every square meter needs to be optimized. A double edged, the opening of the kitchen does not offer you any advantages. Thus, the integration of the cooking pole generates fumes of undesirable odors in the living room. Note also the noise of appliances that pollute your sound environment and that of your guests. Finally, your kitchen must be permanently tidy, imposing a constant rigor, otherwise a feeling of disorder will reign over your entire living room.

The indispensable.

The indispensable

So that your open kitchen is pleasant to live in everyday life, you need to invest in some elements essential to its proper functioning. Therefore, we advise you to focus on the storage space, including closets and drawers that will help you maintain order. We also encourage you to purchase a large, good quality range hood to reduce odors and greasy deposits from cooking. The coatings, meanwhile, must be strong enough to withstand the constraints imposed by the kitchen, floors and walls being subjected to severe stress by this use. However, this should not prevent you from integrating the decoration of the kitchen with that of the living room in order to maintain a certain continuity. To do this, do not hesitate to play with the colors but also with the light. The lighting must be particularly functional and neat, multiplying the lights to see clearly at any time of the day.

Finally, remember to consult the electrical safety standards before designing the plan for your installation in order to cook safely.

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