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If the bar had lost some ground against the central island in recent years, it now sign its return because of its many benefits. Multifunctional (counter, table or hatch) the bar adapts to all kitchens, whatever their arrangement. Strengths, dimensions and configurations... discover the open kitchen with bar from every angle.

The advantages of the open kitchen with bar

The bar, like the central island, is above all an element allowing to delimit the spaces, separating the open kitchen from the living room.
But the bar also offers a multitude of advantages and features:

  • It has the great advantage of adapt to all spaces. It is therefore not necessary to have a very large living room to install it. You will simply have to choose it of small width, or even foldable.
  • The bar can be used as a table or counter if left empty and equipped with bar stools or chairs.
  • It can be equipped with drawer cabinets to welcome and hide your cooking utensils.
  • The bar-counter can also be used as a flatbed and has extra space for cooking.
  • Finally, the bar is an asset design for your kitchen since it gives an extra cachet to the living room.

Open kitchen with bar, which configuration to choose?

The minimum dimensions of the kitchen bar

  • For smooth traffic around the bar, allow for a minimum space of 80 cm between the counter and the rest of the kitchen.
  • If your kitchen and the living room on which it opens are very small, opt for a simple tablet that requires a minimum of 30 cm wide.

To note: the bar counter presents a height of 1m10 to 1m15.

Possible configurations

These are numerous, adapting to all shapes and sizes of cuisine, to all tastes and even to the lifestyle of each. The kitchen plans in "L" and in "U" However, they remain the most widespread in our homes.

To note: you do not have to choose between bar and island if you have a large living room. Indeed, the bar-counter can complement the features of a central island. Installed in its extension or that of the kitchen furniture, the bar allows you to enjoy at the same time the user-friendly advantages of a countertop and the sink and / or cooking functions of an island.

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