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The open kitchen, if it has never been more popular than today, must adapt to the demands of the most recalcitrant cooking odors and sounds that can be prohibitive. This is where the glass roof intervenes to isolate the kitchen without partitioning it. And this without counting on the elegance it gives the room. Zoom on the open kitchen with glass roof.

Open kitchen with glass roof

Open kitchen with glass roof

The many assets of the open kitchen with glass roof

Open his kitchen is an obvious solution to enlarge his living space. And not to diminish the loft spirit that emerges, while limiting the noise and odor, the canopy remains the best alternative.

Large glazed area resting on a wooden structure, steel or aluminum, the glass can delimit the space of the kitchen without obscuring the brightness or blocking the view. It offers an efficient solution to create a semi-open kitchen.
With the installation of a glass roof we make sure to keep a good perspective on the living room, whether it is a living room or a dining room. Conversely, if the canopy does not obstruct the view, it allows you to muffle the noise from the preparation of dishes and to contain cooking smells.
Finally, a glass roof is a particularly elegant architectural element that gives the space a certain cachet.

The different styles of canopy for open kitchen

There are three types of interior canopies:

  • The simple canopy which consists of one or more bays (or vertical glass partitions). This type of canopy can also be equipped with a transom (horizontal line made of wood or steel). Sold as a kit, it comes to the purchase in the form of modules that will have to be assembled.
  • The workshop canopy, composed of a wooden structure and a solid base. The latter takes the form of a panel that can be designed in wood, like the rest of the structure, or made of concrete bricks, cinder block, plaster, etc.

Trick: the workshop canopy is very practical as part of an open kitchen. Indeed, this solid base will allow to hide the spaces hosting appliances and unsightly utensils.

  • The tailor-made canopy, which adapts completely to your needs and your tastes. This form of canopy is obviously the most expensive, but it offers unparalleled customization options, both in terms of the number of windows that make it up, its dimensions, its structure, the materials used...

Style side, the canopy can be painted or left untreated and thus harmonize with many decorative trends. Design space, recycled atmosphere, industrial lounge, Scandinavian or chic country... the open kitchen with glass roof adapts to all atmospheres!

How to install a canopy in his kitchen?

Installation of a workshop canopy

The installation of a canopy workshop is not within the reach of all and it is here more prudent to call a professional. Indeed, it is necessary to have knowledge in masonry to design the basement of the canopy.

Installation steps:

1. cutting of the wall;
2. installation of the frame;
3. installation of windows;
4. installation of braces.

The third step is the most important and must be performed using a glazing system, the windows are not glued.

Installation of a ready-to-install canopy

The canopy kit ready to install is obviously the simplest solution to implement and does not require special skills.
There are two types of windows ready to pose:

  • the partition on cylinders, the simplest to install since it does not require drilling the floor and the ceiling.
  • the partition on sliding rails, which can be compared to the door of a dressing room. The canopy slides along the rails fixed to the ceiling.

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