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The mobile partition name includes a set of highly diversified solutions. All contribute to a greater freedom of development by creating modular spaces at will.

A movable partition separates the space temporarily

Transforming space

  • Alternative to the fixed wall that freezes spaces, mobile partitions allow on the contrary a transformation of places in minutes. They provide a temporary separation between two rooms: bedroom and bathroom, bedroom and dressing room, living room and dining room...
  • The basic idea is to modulate the space by separating or communicating two parts of the same volume. Under this name, there is a range of solutions: sliding walls, accordion or stretch panels, foldable or articulated, light wood and paper claustras.
  • Usually easy to implement These solutions have the advantage of using the manufacturer's detailed instructions (or having them installed by professionals).optimize surfaces adapting to the interiors.
  • Whatever the solution chosen, the movable elements of the partition move in a fixed system integral with the structure of the building. The system includes a flush-mounted extra-flat floor rail, concealed bearing system, frame and panels. Which ones receive various finishes: mirror, glass, lacquer...
  • Note: A movable partition that provides decorative functions offers no quality in terms of sound reduction or thermal insulation.

Easy to maneuver walls

Kazed automatic drive system

  • Some partitions are proposed with an automatic drive system that allows, when sliding the first, to drive all the panels.

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A total retraction

Archea fully retractable mobile partition

  • It is possible to associate the movable panels with double partitions (partitioning). Thus, when the partition is open, the panels disappear in the intermediate space and become invisible.

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A mobile curtain

Sogal accordion separation

  • Very popular in the 1970s, the accordion partitions have been modernized: the colors are more cheerful, the vinyl fabric is washable and the frames are galvanized steel.

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Panels that adapt to any type of space

Sliding facades on Archea monorail

  • With mobile partitions almost anything is possible. Here, the sliding facades ensure the closing of the dressing room and the separation with the room. The set slides on a monorail.

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Continuous soil

Suspended mobile partition Neves Fabrication

  • To facilitate the passage between parts, opt for a suspended partition, without rail on the ground (SRS). The high rail ensures the running track (with guide roller on the ground).

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Volume in the volume

Kazed sliding corner door

  • Whether it's an office area or a storage room in the living room, a walk-in closet or a bathroom in the bedroom, this new concept of sliding corner doors can be adapted to any configuration.

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