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An angle is never lost in a room: every square inch of the house can be exploited. There are still opportunities for decoration or landscaping. You can have decorative objects, storage furniture, a desk, a dressing room and transform the angle that was thought lost in a useful space. Here are some ideas...

Exploit a lost angle in a room

Exploit a lost angle in a room

Decorate "lost" angles

We speak of lost angle when a corner of a room remains empty and unused. Fortunately, there are many options to consider to enhance this corner of the room. In particular, we can adopt some deco tips: hang paintings or pictures to embellish the space, be it souvenir photos, design frames or just stickers. Depending on the space available, you can also find trendy shelves that will welcome decorative objects and some trinkets. We can also green an angle by placing flowerpots on a stool or on wooden crates in a spirit recovery.

Exploiting a lost angle in a room can not lose space and to optimize every corner of the room.

What furniture for lost angles?

The lost angles may be large enough to accommodate furniture. It is a perfect place to arrange various storage, whether in a room, in the kitchen or in the living room. Depending on the space available, there is a low chest of drawers associated with shelves. Attention, be careful not to put too much not to overload the space.

You can also set up a library area in the living room or bedroom, a dressing room in the bedroom or under the stairs or a coat rack or a range-everything (which hosts letters and keys) in the hall.

Yes the lost angle is spacious enough, you can even create a small desk, with a nice table, a beautiful assists and custom shelves (or other storage) that perfectly fit the corner of the wall.

A relaxation area

A lost angle can very well be turned into a relaxation area especially if the angle is located near a window. For example, you can create a reading corner with a pouf, a cozy armchair or a corner sofa decorated with comfortable cushions. On the wall side, you can decorate it with shelves housing some books or magazines. For those who do not read, it will simply be a relaxation area where you can spend time relaxing and "daydreaming".

Exploiting a lost angle in a room not only saves a few square meters by optimizing space but alsot harmonize the decor.

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