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As their name suggests, gas stoves work on gas but do you know exactly how? Connection to different methods to light your gas stove: overview of the operation of a gas stove.

Operation of a kitchen gas cooker

Operation of a kitchen gas cooker

The gas connection

To operate, the kitchen gas stove must be connected to the gas. It could be

  • a gas connection, also known as natural gas
  • or a connection to a cylinder of gas, butane or propane

The choice of one or the other of the connections depends on your installation, and the model of cooker of cooking which suits you. It is quite possible to go from one connection to another but for that it is essential to change the injector. These are different models depending on a city gas connection or a bottled gas connection. To make the change, and for security reasons, it is recommended to call a professional.

Regarding the connection in the bottle, the gas is stored in a limited quantity in a cylinder or a metal bottle. Once empty, the gas bottle must be changed. Concerning the connection to city gas, the gas is driven by the national distribution network.

The diffusion of gas

Once the kitchen stove is connected, the gas is released by a tap then is driven in a pipe up injector. When engaged, the kitchen gas cooker sprays the gas through the injector, otherwise known as the nozzle, located under each firebox and under the oven plate. At its exit from the injector, the gas naturally mixes with the surrounding air, which creates the perfect gas mixture for to feed the flame of the hearth.

This is the injector that regulates the flow of gas and therefore determines the power of each fireplace on your cooktop. In this sense, it is important that the injectors are not changed.

For your informationIt is essential that the pipe that conducts the gas be checked regularly to prevent gas leakage.

Lighting your gas stove

The kitchen gas stove can be manually switched on, with matches, or electronically. The majority of gas stoves today have an electronic ignition, easier to use and faster.

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