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Can I include the cost of installing my stove for the tax credit? Thank you.

Installation fees never qualify for Tax Credit. For the stove itself, first check that your appliance meets the performance criteria that allow it to qualify for the tax credit. The simplest is to opt for a FLAME GREEN certified stove, which automatically induces its accessibility to the Tax Credit.

To benefit from this credit it is essential that the professional in question also provided the heater and that he has established a bill clearly separating the price of the stove, the accessories and the cost of installation. Clearly you can not benefit from any tax credit if you buy for example your equipment in supermarkets or specialized stores and you install it yourself.

The tax credit is 25% but is increased to 40% if it replaces an old stove or wood-burning appliance of the same type as the old one. On the other hand, the installation costs, but also the accessories necessary for the installation, do not open right to the Tax Credit.

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