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The staircase is no longer to be classified as simple functional equipment. Today, it is an integral part of the decoration: it is also chosen because it is beautiful...

Choose a contemporary staircase to climb

Everything is in the mud

Everything is in the mud

The aesthetics of a staircase depends a lot on its silt, the support piece that supports the steps on the day side (opposite the wall) or on both sides if it is not leaning against a wall. Traditionally, the stairs are designed with a French loam (steps built on the side of the silt) or English (steps resting on the silt).
These two configurations allow the installation of risers and the fixing of guardrails bars or sleepers. These solutions give way more and more often to central silt or double silt, these rack-and-pinion silences to aerate the staircase significantly. Last, but not least, a common feature on the staircase market: many models are made of steps with an interlocking system that makes a silt.

The choice of a staircase can give rise to many questions, especially when it comes to choosing the model that will equip his house. The solution that consists of choosing a kit staircase remains the most economical (industrialized production, no manpower for installation), and in no way limits the variety of models proposed. Just choose the type of staircase (straight, rotating, helical), materials (wood, metal, glass), accessories (railings, lights), etc., depending on the height to climb, dimensions of the hopper, not to mention the position of the arrival and call steps. Finally, depending on the room in which it will be, one may prefer a straight staircase, quarter turn, balanced, even helical. To make one's choice, it is enough to list the advantages and disadvantages of each type and proceed by elimination.

The simplest, the straight staircase

Well known but not very common, the straight staircase connects two levels in one flight, like a ladder. If one privileges the comfort of use, the length of such a staircase supposes a certain size of room and hopper. Otherwise, the flight will be steep (high steps and small lap), which involves significant efforts uphill and risk taking down.

The most common, the winding staircase

The most common, the winding staircase

The turning staircase owes its success to its more limited space. For the rotating part, it is possible to choose a model with an intermediate bearing which dissociates two flights, or a turn composed of radiant steps or, better, balanced.
In the first case, the neck of the step (opposite the widest side) is very narrow, which deviates the line of stride. In the presence of a swing, the tread is widened, which provides greater comfort when negotiating the turn.

The smallest, the spiral staircase

helicoidal staircase

The spiral staircases consist of a central column on which the steps rest.
According to the manufacturers, the mounting principle may vary.

The main advantage of the spiral staircase is its small size. Its main drawback is that it is impractical when it comes to transporting furniture from one floor to another. However, not using any lateral anchoring, it is very easy to implement.
Side finishes and accessories, we can find stairs kit in all kinds of materials as well as for stairs to measure. Manufacturers are not limited to offering variations of their products. They can mix materials almost on the map.

Opinion and comparison: 8 contemporary stairs kit: contemporary

Today, we seek lightness, which implies the absence of risers and the use of materials whose strength rhymes with limited thickness.

Mounting a staircase from bottom to top or from top to bottom

We can believe that a staircase kit goes up and down! Not always.
Some models require a specific method that requires the use of tools such as props.

Stairs lighting

Lighting of a staircase

Whether new or renovated, the installation of a new staircase often involves changing the lighting.
Even if one is tempted to believe that it is a detail that can wait, the ascent and descent of a staircase can become dangerous if the lighting is unsuitable (too strong or too weak). It is therefore necessary that it be effective in all circumstances (night and day). In addition to the sconces and suspensions, it is possible to install recessed spotlights with a grazing light on the steps (see System D no. 792).

Comparative table of eight contemporary stairs in kit

Note: our study was conducted in May 2012
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