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This tool is cut for the most demanding cutting, deburring and grinding work. Armed with a large disk and a powerful engine, no material of construction resists him or almost...

Test of 6 angle grinders

Equipped with a disc Ø 230 mm and a powerful electric motor (2,200 to 2,400 W for the tested machines), this type of grinder can cut off without much effort most of the building materials (concrete, brick, blockwork, stone...), up to a depth of 60 mm. Versatile, she knows cut and grind metals (rebars, profiles) and deburr the weld seams. Long enough (over 50 cm) and heavy (more than 5 kg), this machine is handled with both hands: one holding, the other guiding.

Simple design

At the level of the grinder head hides a transmission with bevel gear which drives the tool-holder shaft on which the disk is mounted. The crown of the shaft and the drive gear at the output of the motor form a right angle. It is from this mechanical arrangement that comes the name angle grinder. This drive mode allows a smooth constant power and a rotational speed of the vacuum disc of 6,000 to 6,600 rpm. It is more robust, virtually unbreakable and maintenance free.
This transmission is protected by a cast aluminum housing, a guarantee of solidity and lightness, which allows a better dissipation of the heat generated by the friction of the gears. On this housing are assembled the shaft lock button, mounting holes of the auxiliary handle and the protective cover of the disc.
The motor is enclosed in a plastic body located at the back of the machine and on which the main handle and the start switch are located.

Constant ventilation

Subjected to high temperatures in intensive use, the machine must be permanently ventilated. The engine is equipped with a turbine that sucks air. This last crosses the whole body of the machine before being rejected by openings at the front at the head. Which, on some machines, can generate a lot of dust when cutting concrete or cinderblock.

tightening nut on a grinder

  • All machines are equipped with an M14 clamping nut of the disc (bore Ø 22 mm). He squeezes and relaxes using of the hook wrench provided.

Block the motor shaft of the grinder

  • To lock the motor shaft and facilitate clamping, the blocking button is located on the head of the grinder. Although quite flexible, it is a bit small on the Skil.

Anti-vibration handle on a grinder

  • Dewalt, AEG, Metabo and Einhell have thought of the comfort of the user by equipping their machine with a antivibration auxiliary handle with damper bellows, very effective at AEG, Dewalt and Metabo.

Handle for grinder

  • The auxiliary handle is staggered in three positions, except on the AEG (to the right or to the left of the head). Three models (AEG, Einhell and Metabo) have a adjustable rear handle at 180° from left to right.

Orientation of the handle of the grinder

  • At AEG and Metabo, the rotation is released by a pushbutton quite wide and flexible under the handle (on the handle at Einhell). The handle of the AEG can be oriented in 7 positions of 30° in 30°.

Start switch of the grinder

  • They are all equipped with safe start switch with trigger. To start, push the trigger by pressing the switch.

Protection on grinders

Protective cover on grinders

  • Essential safety element, the protective cover allows to deflect sparks and chips. On most models, it is positioned without tools, except on the Skil, remained faithful to the old screw system with hexagonal key.

Push button on the AEG grinder

  • At AEG, push button and toothed ring allow to turn the hood step by step.

Toggle latch on grinders

  • The other models opted for a toggle lock simple and efficient. To give flexibility to the system, simply play with the adjustment screw. This is the most practical system.

Accessories and consumables

  • Storage and transport side, the grinders are not all housed in the same sign. AEG, Metabo and Stanley are sold in a hard carrying case with discs and wrench. The Skil is supplied in a cloth bag, Dewalt and Einhell offer it alone.
  • The machines delivered with case are almost ready to use, just mount the auxiliary handle. For others, you must add the protective cover of the disc.
  • On the consumable side, manufacturers are not generous: only Stanley is supplied with three special metal discs for grinding and deburring. Metabo, which, like AEG, Dewalt, Einhell and Skil, does not supply a disc, offers a wide range of consumables for sale on its website.
  • The power cord grinders is quite long (4 m). On five of the machines tested, it avoids most often the addition of an extension. Only the Einhell has a cord of 3 m, a little fair in some cases.

Getting started with the grinders

On most grinders, the rotation of the disc is progressive to avoid jolts at startup. Before starting work, it is necessary to wait until the disc is launched at full speed. On the Dewalt and Stanley, she is instant with a big effect of torque, rather surprising at first.

In use

Auxiliary handle of grinders

  • Metabo, AEG and Dewalt have a auxiliary handle particularly comfortable.
  • On the other hand, on the Skil and the Stanley, the vibrations are quite painful on the cutting of the metal.


  • Even though the Dewalt weighs almost 6 kg, grinding is not a problem. The Ø 230 mm disc is suitable for grinding and deburring large surfaces.

Cut concrete with a grinder

  • Thanks to their power, the cutting of concrete is fast. But the AEG, Einhell and Skil generate a lot of dust, and we have to clean the machine after each use.

It is important to protect yourself when using a grinder

  • Helmet, goggles and gloves make up a minimum of protection.

Metabo grinder

  • Metabo: under the machine, useful details are listed: size of the disk to use, air cleaning mode...


Change the coals in the grinder

  • The coals are easy to change on all the machines. Manufacturers have all adopted the same compartment system placed on the flanks of the machine. Simply remove a retaining screw to open the hood that gives access to the coal.

Roll bar of the grinder

  • Einhell and Skil are equipped with a small roll bar molded under the back handle to protect the hand in addition to the gloves.

Criteria for evaluation of grinders

  • Efficiency and comfort. The machines are quite similar in power and performance, but some differences appear in use. Especially from a practical point of view and comfort. The behavior and speed of cutting or grinding regardless of the material, the vibrations generated and the dust emitted must be taken into account. Weight and maneuverability are also criteria that distinguish the machines.
  • Ergonomics. It is above all the shape of the two handles, their good grip and the quality of the non-slip cladding is appreciable. The ease of maneuvering the power switch and the shape of the disk lock button also.
  • Change Disk is an operation that is done frequently. It depends on the flexibility and the size of the locking button of the tool holder. In general, the installation is complicated as and when used because of dust and filings that can clog the blocking button.
  • The settings. In addition to setting the disk protection cover and adjusting it, depending on the machine, it is possible to orient the rear handle or not. But after several uses, it can be difficult to adjust.

Test procedure *

The tests began with the cutting of square steel tubes 40 x 40 (3 mm thick) and then U-shaped profiles 60 x 28 (5 mm thick) and finally a tree full Ø 30 mm, made with a new abrasive disc all materials (thickness 2 mm). The test was indicative of the endurance and comfort of using the machines. Rusted parts were also ground and solder beads deburred using a thicker disk (5 mm).
Finally, the grinders were tested on masonry elements: 20 x 20 x 50 cm hollow-core bricks and 45 x 45 x 3 cm deck slabs, cut with new segmented diamond discs..
* System D test benches are made under real conditions of use by our journalists. The results may therefore differ from those displayed by the manufacturers, whose tests are performed by laboratories according to standardized protocols.

What to remember from the test?

  • The machines are quite equivalent in terms of performance and all have their place in the toolbox of a handyman. It is the comfort of use and the practical aspects that separate them.
  • The Metabo, ranked first, performs all tasks without flinching.
  • Robust, Dewalt takes second place because of the lack of carrying case.
  • In third place the AEG is efficient and pleasant to use, but generates too much dust on the masonry.
  • In fourth place, the Stanley Fatmax is vigorous with an interesting price-performance ratio.
  • The Skil does not demerit, but it is slower than others and lacks comfort on long-term work.
  • Finally on the Einhell, the rear handle's orientation button locks up with the dust associated with the masonry tests.

Metabo, the favorite of System D

Metabo grinder

It is not the least expensive nor the most powerful, but it has many qualities. The Metabo grinder is robust and very comfortable to use. Theefficiency is at the rendezvous, the vibrations are well contained and the change of the tool is quite simple. Even if it is not the lightest, the weight is easily forgotten by its maneuverability and speed of cutting. In short, this machine is a real "pro" tool for everyone.

Test bench: comparison of six angle grinders

Comparative of 6 angle grinders

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AEG angle grinder

AEG grinder

Model: WS24-230GEV
Price: 200 €
Engine power: 2,400 W
Weight: 5.6 kg
Empty speed: 6,000 rpm
Rear handle: 7 positions
Cord length: 4 m
Warranty: 3 years *

  • Efficiency and comfort: 7,8
    Very effective. On the metal, the vibrations are well contained, a pity that it emits so much dust on the concrete
  • Ergonomics: 7,5
    Anti-vibration auxiliary handle holds perfectly in hand and the non-slip back handle is comfortable
  • The change of disc: 6,5
    Loosening of the nut is simple even after several uses. The tree lock button is wide enough and its stroke very short
  • settings: 7,5
    Rear handle and protective hood are easily oriented, but the unlock button is small and hard to operate with gloves
Test result 7.3

Dewalt angle grinder

Dewalt angle grinder

Model: DWE 4559
Price: 180 €
Engine power: 2,400 W
Weight: 5.7kg
Empty speed: 6,500 rpm
Rear handle: Fixed
Cord length: 4 m
Warranty: 3 years *

  • Efficiency and comfort: 8,5
    Cutting and grinding are done quickly and comfortably. The masonry dust is well ejected.
  • Ergonomics: 7,5
    On-off switch very flexible, good grip of both handles, anti-vibration and anti-slip
  • The change of disc: 7,5
    The shaft lock button, located in front of the air vents, is quite wide and offers a good grip. His race is short and flexible
  • settings: 7,0
    The auxiliary handle adopts three positions, the protective cover is adjusted without tools but does not unlock easily. You have to think about loosening the clamping screw
Test result 7.6

Einhell angle grinder

Einhell angle grinder

Model: TE-AG 230
Price: 120 €
Engine power: 2,350 W
Weight: 5.4 kg
Empty speed: 6,500 rpm
Rear handle: Adjustable 3 positions
Cord length: 3 m
2 years warranty

  • Efficiency and comfort: 6,0
    Start too progressive (the disc is at full speed after several seconds), eject a lot of dust
  • Ergonomics: 6,7
    Good grip, top of the body covered with anti-slip material. But the start switch hangs
  • The change of disc: 6,5
    The locking point of the tool shaft is located quickly enough. The lock button is a bit hard, but its stroke is short. The key offers a good tightening torque.
  • settings: 6,0
    The antivibration rear handle pivots but with the dust, it tends to lock. The flange of the protective cover is a little hard, it is necessary to adjust its screw of tension.
Test result 6.3

Metabo angle grinder

Metabo angle grinder

Model: WE22-230 MVT
Price TTC: 210 €
Engine power: 2,200 W
Weight: 5.8kg
Empty speed: 6,600 rpm
Rear handle: Adjustable 3 positions
Cord length: 4 m
Warranty: 3 years *

  • Efficiency and comfort: 9,0
    It is the fastest, it cuts through concrete and steel without weakening and its weight is practically not felt
  • Ergonomics: 7,8
    The anti-slip and anti-vibration auxiliary handle is wide and comfortable on the hand. The on-off switch hangs a bit
  • The change of disc: 7,6
    Placed on the front of the machine, the tree lock button is wide and handles well with gloves. The blocking point is very fast.
  • settings: 7,6
    The button that unlocks the rear handle is wide, very flexible and insensitive to dust. The release lever of the protective cover is wide and easy to handle.
Test result 8.0

Skil angle grinder

Skil angle grinder

Model: 9783
Price: 140 €
Engine power: 2,400 W
Weight: 5.2 kg
Empty speed: 6,600 rpm
Rear handle: Fixed
Cord length: 4 m
2 years warranty

  • Efficiency and comfort: 6,6
    Armed with a diamond disc, it is effective on masonry. Lack of speed on cutting metal
  • Ergonomics: 7,0
    The on-off switch is large and flexible, the safety trigger fulfills its function, good grip.
  • The change of disc : 6,5
    The lock button on the tool shaft is quite flexible. The blocking point is easily found. After several uses, the tightening nut is a little hard
  • settings: 6,0
    The rear handle is non-adjustable and the positioning of the hood requires a hex key. On the other hand, it is handled without any problem
Test result 6.5

Stanley Fatmax angle grinder

Stanley Fatmax angle grinder

Model: FME841K
Price: 160 €
Engine power: 2,200 W
Weight: 5.1 kg
Empty speed: 6,500 rpm
Rear handle: Fixed
Cord length: 4 m
Warranty: 3 years *

  • Efficiency and comfort: 7,5
    Effective and enduring, it is quite manageable. Too bad that the auxiliary handle is not antivibration
  • Ergonomics: 7,0
    Good grip of the grip grip of non-slip rubber, not swiveling, but anti-vibration
  • The change of disc: 6,8
    The locking button is well placed on the front of the head: wide enough, it handles without much problem with gloves because it is a little hard.
  • settings: 6,5
    The auxiliary handle is easily adjustable on three points. The threads on the casing of the head are wide. The protective hood is oriented without much difficulty
Test result 7.0

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