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In kit or build on plans, the fixed barbecue can be done without much effort with a little patience. Only conditions: choose the right model and location, respecting its neighborhood and legislation. Here is the opinion of the editorial after comparative.

Notice and comparison of 8 self-assembled barbecues tested by the editor

Composed of prefabricated elements or made "home", the barbecue * fixed, as the name suggests, is not intended to be moved. It is a construction that needs to be thought in every detail. Before starting, some parameters must be taken into account.
* (or BBQ, its acronym in fashion)

A choice of materials to build a BBQ

First of all the materials:

The barbecue can be concrete, lightened or cellular, natural or reconstituted stone or brick.
- Cellular concrete is the least expensive solution on the market.
- Natural stone offers a guarantee of durability, but it is more expensive than reconstituted stone.
- As for the refractory brick, it withstands temperatures exceeding 1000° C. In addition to being an excellent heat carrier, it has a longer life than other materials.
Another important criterion to take into account to guide your choice: the home.
The fixed barbecue is essentially designed to work with wood or charcoal, the size of the home is not negligible. Not to mention that its size depends on the ability to cook more or less, limiting the number of "tours". Note that there are fixed barbecues with or without a chimney. A real smoke extraction system, it provides comfort to guests while preserving the tranquility of the neighborhood.
Finally, some models have a beautiful worktop surface and non-negligible storage space.

Variable prices to buy a barbecue

Distributed commercially (GSB, garden centers, supermarkets, etc.) or on the internet, there are entry-level barbecues from € 150 for concrete, € 300 for brick and € 500 for concrete. reconstituted or natural stone.
If you are looking for the best quality / price ratio, you need between 500 and 1500 € depending on the material. The high-end devices offered with multiple accessories often exceed € 2,000. You can also get your barbecue directly from an artisan or on the web ( Finally, building it yourself can be financially advantageous, as long as you think so.

An adequate and thoughtful installation

Ideally, a fixed barbecue is located near the terrace, the pool or in the extension of the house, without necessarily being attached to the house to avoid blackening the facade.
It must be placed at least one meter away from the neighbor's fence or adjoining wall. In any case, it is important to choose an open area, without trees, on a perimeter of at least 1.50 m to avoid any risk of fire.
It is also a question of guiding it so that the smoke does not spread in the house or the neighbor. It is better to shelter it or place it against the prevailing winds.
In addition, it is a heavy work (sometimes more than 500 kg) whose placement on the ground requires a solid and flat base. The ideal is a reinforced concrete slab, dosed at 350 kg / m3.

Wood and charcoal

The most widespread model (65% of sales) and the most economical model works on charcoal and / or wood. These fuels provide a unique taste for meat, are easy to handle (sticks, sack of coal, shoots), but they tend to emit a lot of smoke.
Lighting the fire requires more know-how and patience since it takes about 30 minutes to get embers.
Prefer a model equipped with an ash drawer. Some can accommodate in addition to built-in gas burners.
Just connect them to a bottle (propane / butane) using a holder.
The start-up is fast (5 min.) And the setting of the instantaneous temperature. However, they require vigilance (closing after use of the bottle, checking the tightness of the hose, cleaning the burners) and a grease trap.

Respect the rules to build your BBQ

A building permit is mandatory if it is planned to carry out a fixed barbecue of a height higher than 1.50 m and an area of ​​more than 2 m2 on the ground. The same is true if the house is in a protected area.
In the cases where the permit is not necessary, it is advisable to file a declaration of work in town hall since the fixed barbecue is a building work not removable.
Before the purchase, it is also better to check that the product complies with the standard required by French regulations: NF 009 (fixed wood model) and NF EN-498 (fixed gas model) and that the logo THIS is affixed to the packaging.

An efficient assembly barbecue

choose a mortar to mount your barbecue

The products to be used for the assembly depend on the material of the barbecue but also on the nature of the hearth (fireplates, firebricks, cast iron...). Refer to the manufacturer's manual for the proper adhesives, mortars or cements.
Bagged products are to be mixed with water in a trough for trowel assembly.
Some more practical, faster and less messy products are available in cartridge to be applied to the extruder gun.
According to the manufacturers, the cartridges are part of the kit or can be bought in addition.

A fireplace for the barbecue

The barbecue creates smoke, it must be ensured that it does not go to the neighbors. The evacuation above the level of the guests is also desirable. In addition to allowing a good evacuation of fumes, models with chimneys offer a better comfort of cooking.

BBQ: useful accessories optional...

The models in kit include at least a grid adapted to the cooking surface.

Before deciding, do not hesitate to check in store the ease of adjustment in the notches and the space between the bars of the grid (20 mm max.).
Take advantage also to test the ergonomics of the handles, the stability of the whole, the storage possibilities of the accessories...
Finally, if you want to cook everything outdoors, it is not uninteresting to closely study the range of accessories offered with the coveted barbecue model (rotisserie, griddle, lid...).
However, prices can quickly climb! Better not to rush and play the competition.

BBQ cleaning

The ash collector of a charcoal grill (or the gas collector of a gas barbecue) reduces the chore of cleaning.
When no ferry is provided, it is possible to add a "homemade". But the adaptation is delicate: material and dimensions must indeed allow efficient recovery and safe handling.

Maintain your fixed barbecue

  • Before starting grilling, remember to clean the soot-covered items by scrubbing them with a conventional detergent.
  • Clean the fireplace with products that match the building material used.
  • Check the condition of the ash pan.
  • Finally, repair any cracks that may appear.
  • At the end of the period of use, a thorough cleaning is desirable so as not to spend too much time restoring it in the next season.
  • Regarding cooking accessories (grill, rotisserie...), spray a spray or spray degreaser directly and leave on for a few minutes. Rubbing with a wire brush and then rinsing with clear water, this will help to find all the accessories for the next grilling.

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