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The open fire is often criticized for being more "deco" than "practical". And it is not his very low efficiency (15% of the heat created only is restored!) That will testify in his favor. Fortunately, many solutions exist to increase its performance, and make it more functional!

Optimize the draft of the chimney with a heat recovery unit

First solution to increase the efficiency of an open fireplace: the heat recuperator.

The principle is simple: as the name suggests, this device can restore some of the heat created by the fireplace. Thanks to it, you can finally enjoy the warm air generated by the fireplace, since a heat recovery can double the output of an open fireplace.

There are two types of heat recovery:

  • The water heat recovery unit. The purpose of this device? Turn our open fireplace into a boiler! A set of tubes is placed in the chimney and connected to the heating network of the house. The water circulating in the pipes heats up in the chimney, before going back into the heating circuit, to supply radiators, hot water tank...
  • The heat recovery unit. This is the favorite of non-DIYers, because its installation requires no work! Its operation is simple: we install in the room a fan. This fan will suck air from the room, and bring it, via a sheath, to a heater located in the center of the chimney. The air will then warm up, then spread in the room, thanks to vents placed in front of the fireplace.

Note: the price of a heat recovery unit may vary from 500€ à 1500€, depending on the type and brand chosen.

Optimize the draft of the chimney with a cast iron plate

Optimize the draft of its open fireplace in a 100% easy version? It's possible, thanks to the cast iron fireplace plate!

To benefit from its benefits, nothing complicated: just put the bottom of the fireplace. Made from cast iron, the ultimate heat conductive material, this plate is ideal for accumulating and returning the heat created by the fireplace, long after the fire has burned.

Note: the price of an entry-level cast iron plate is 50€.

Optimize the draft of the chimney with an insert

Last solution to increase the performance of his open fireplace: the insert. The principle is again simple: a professional will come to embed the insert in the structure of the open fireplace in order to turn it into a heater in its own right.

The insert, built with a double wall of cast iron, will both diffuse hot air and restore the heat stored during combustion.

Simple but effective, the performance of the chimney is multiplied by 5!

Note: the average price of an insert is 1500€.

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