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9 ideas to optimize the space of his entrance

By optimizing the space in the entrance, it is possible to gain a few more square meters. This space can also be arranged to reflect the style of the interior and carefully decorated to better accommodate the guests. The first mission is to unclutter to better react. A poorly designed entrance can quickly become a real mess.

Design an entry: the good ideas

Often shunned, the entrance can be arranged to optimize the square meters. Once relooked, this place of passage sets the tone on the decoration. Among the essential to have to arrange it well:

  • a floor-standing mirror or several mirrors of varying size to create a gallery effect;
  • a small bench to sit in and take off easily;
  • hooks or a modular coat rack or fixed, in harmony with the style of the interior.
It is better to make a cross on the coat rack "parrot". Overloaded, it may fall and cause accidents. Other accessories that might be useful in the entrance:
  • a small trash can to unclutter the pockets;
  • a shelf to store accessories out of season;
  • a shoe tray muddy.

Declutter the entry

An entrance that is too crowded may alter the "welcoming" side. Before investing in new storage, it is better to get rid of all that is useless. This space is not a storage room. Books, clothes and objects that no longer serve ideally find their place in the cellar. Organize a flea is a good idea, if not throw them away. Keeping the essentials is the key word.

Add suspended storage

If the layout of a wardrobe proves impossible in the entrance, it must be cunning. Instead of the wardrobe, opt for a hanging storage as pairs of metal hooks in various colors, with a defined hue for each member of the family. To change, it is possible to make one's own wall-mounted empty-pocket. Here's how to make coat hooks:

  1. Using the wood saw, detail the rod in piece of 10 to 15 cm. One of the two ends must be straight. For the other, all desires are allowed (round, oblique or arrow-shaped).
  2. Sand both ends with sandpaper.
  3. Pass the copper solder sleeve 28 mm in diameter at the foot of the hook. The sleeve should be flush with the right end of the peg.
  4. Mark a mark in the center of the peg cut right and drill.
  5. Cut the head of the screw and fix it to its half in the hook with the help of the clamp.
  6. Drill the wall in the place provided for the coat hook. Insert the peg with a hammer.
  7. Screw the coat hook and you're done!

Maximize storage in the entrance

Storage with geometric lines that frame the front door are synonymous with space saving. Functional and sober, they optimize the storage space without overloading. Why not add furniture that completely covers the walls? Prefer it in a sober color like white and add some jars of succulents for a natural touch. A bespoke library with graphic design can also be a real eye catcher. Another indispensable element: the multifunctional furniture. It optimizes storage space while separating the entrance from the rest of the house or apartment.

Exploit the basement of the staircase or opt for invisible furniture

The basement of the staircase near the front door can be used to store clothes and accessories. In the absence of staircase, bet an invisible shoe cabinet, in the same tones as the walls. It blends into the decor while optimizing the storage space.

Introduce a bench

If the layout of the entrance does not lend itself to the installation of a wardrobe, a bench can be useful. It is possible to graft below baskets and boxes to optimize storage space. Rattan baskets and wicker baskets are increasingly popular, especially by fans of ethnic style. In addition to easy storage accessories, these baskets add a natural touch to the entrance. Instead of the bench, why not be tempted by a bench? Modern and practical, the wooden bench is a natural addition to any interior. It is all the rage in a Scandinavian interior. If the space lacks light, nothing like a white lacquered wardrobe that runs along a wall to send back the light of the entrance. Do not forget: shoe trays. In rainy weather, it is important to keep the entrance clean. To do this, a shoe tray can be useful.

Organize the cupboard of the entrance

If the entrance allows the development of a closet, it must take advantage. Under hanging clothes, place boxes on wheels to store shoes.

  • Bring the shelves closer together.
  • Use all available space, even in height, to save space.
  • Arrange the contents of the shelves: the accessories used regularly should be placed at a height between the knees and the shoulders. Seasonal accessories line up at the top.
  • Label the top storage boxes to save time.
  • Inside closet doors, install hooks to store umbrellas, dog leash, tennis racket, keys...

Choosing furniture for the entrance

The choice of storage is not done lightly. Between shelves, cupboards and consoles with drawers, it is difficult to navigate. The most important criteria are the aesthetics and the storage capacity. We must also think of small storage modules to optimize storage space. Containers or baskets compact, stackable and easy to move are better indicated. In any case, it is better to opt for minimalist style furniture so that this space is not too overloaded.

Decorate your entry

For a personalized entry, art lovers can, as soon as they enter, exhibit their favorite works. Nothing like experimenting with different colors to create an eclectic atmosphere that will delight guests as soon as they walk through the door. For furniture and the floor, wood is the material par excellence. It creates a warm and rustic atmosphere. And why not paint the door in a bright shade to bring a hint of color into a sober interior?

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