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Roughing, finishing and polishing... This eccentric sander offers an amazing sanding ability.

Essay, text and photos: Alain Fuksa


Maker: Metabo
Reference: SXE 425 Turbo Tec
Power: 320 W
Diameter of the tray to sand: 125 mm
Rotation speed empty (wheel): 4,200-9,200 / min
Empty speed (turbo): 11,000 / min
Circle of oscillation: 5mm
Weight: 2kg
Price generally found: 149,90 €

What uses?
Offering a great versatility by combining a double rotary and orbital movement, this eccentric sander is particularly suitable for use on flat, hollow or rounded surfaces, and in areas as different as the work of wood or bodywork.
Its appearance is quite classic, with its long main handle integrating the switch. A second removable handle reinforces grip in case of intensive sanding. A two-position (red) button brings novelty: when it is pushed backwards, the speed of rotation depends on the setting of the speed wheel. Forward, the sander gives the maximum of its power (the famous "turboBoost" effect). Dust recovery is ensured by a cassette system equipped with a filter. To facilitate emptying, the back of the cassette has a small hatch (photo 2). For heavy sanding, the machine can be connected to a shop vacuum (accessory adapter to be connected to the integrated suction system when the hose end is not the same diameter).
The rubber coating ensures precise guidance during work. On large flats (flaps, tray), the auxiliary handle is essential. But it is more practical to remove it to sand narrow surfaces like the steps of a staircase. The drive controller offers a fairly complete adjustment range. Once found the appropriate rotation speed, the engine keeps its rhythm thanks to an electronic device which is in charge of compensating the efforts. Without stopping the sanding, the "turbo" button engages with a simple pressure: the machine then turns fully.


  • Quality of manufacture
  • Important performance
  • Effective electronics
  • Filtration of dust

The lessers

  • Small capacity of the dust cassette
  • Due to use, the paper filter has difficulty sliding in its housing

Our opinion

Very effective for intense work. The adjustment range allows the machine to adapt to all materials. Too bad the cassette offers only limited capacity considering the sanding performance!

Two handles for a good grip

Two handles for a good grip

Good grip. Even the sanding on the edge of a shutter is carried out with precision if the sander is firmly held by both handles.

An accessible, practical and economical filter

An accessible, practical and economical filter

Easy access to the filter that recovers sawdust. Another practical and above all economical advantage: the filter can be washed and reused.

Video Instruction: Metabo SXE 450 Duo Disassembly