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Essential document when buying a kitchen, the order form contains all the information about the characteristics of your kitchen, payment and delivery time. Signed by both parties, it serves as a contract and formalizes the sale and can not be canceled or modified except under certain conditions.

Order form for a kitchen

Order form for a kitchen

What's the point of a purchase order for a kitchen?

A purchase order for a kitchen is a formal document which allows finalize the sale. Dated and signed by both parties (you and the store), this document formalizes things and allows to launch the order of the furniture and the implementation of the works. By signing it, the seller agrees to respect the conditions of the sale, the established price and the time to receive and install the kitchen in its entirety. On your side, you agree, by signing the order form, to pay upon receipt of the order. When signing this famous document, the seller usually asks you to pay a deposit of 30%.

What is a kitchen order form?

The order form for a kitchen sums up somehow the conditions of the sale and is an exact reflection of the estimate prepared beforehand. As a general rule, the purchase order includes 4 different types of contracts.
The first concerns the purchase of furniture, the second, the purchase of appliances, the third, the installation of the kitchen and the fourth is the preparation work if you choose to have your kitchen put by the dealer.

The purchase order also shows the various components of the kitchen, kitchen design plans, technical plans and the method of payment, the general conditions of sale, if you choose to pay cash or on credit and if you opt for home or in-store delivery. Finally, the order form clearly indicates what is the deadline for delivery to avoid any disagreement and any dispute.

Is it possible to cancel a purchase order for a kitchen?

The order form for a kitchen is a formal document which, once it has been signed by both parties, can not be canceled. However, if it does not comply exactly with the specifications, it is sometimes possible to review the terms of the contract. Check with consumer advocacy groups or a lawyer if you have problems with your kitchen. Know that in case of home sale, you have a withdrawal period of 7 working days.

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