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The purchase order is an important document that commits the seller as the buyer. What are the different elements that must be included? What is the legal value of the order form for a kitchen? Is it possible to cancel the purchase once the purchase order is signed? Here are some questions that require clear answers, read below...

Order form for a kitchen: what you need to know

Order form for a kitchen: what you need to know

Mandatory information on a purchase order of a kitchen

A purchase order for a kitchen is a legal document that allows you to finalize the purchase. This document is drawn up by the company and its signature commits both parties. At time sign the order form, the seller usually asks you to pay a deposit of 30%.

Of course, it is imperative that the basic elements appear on the document such as:

  • Identification of the cook (name, address, legal status, mention RCS...)
  • The name and address of the buyer
  • Date and order number
  • General conditions of sale
  • The price excluding taxes and taxes and the details of the services
  • The withdrawal period available to the consumer and his conditions
  • The terms of payment, delivery, guarantee
  • The characteristics and description of the kitchen (model, quantity, unit price...)
  • The possible recourse in case of disputes

Generally, we find 3 main informations on a purchase order:
1. The technical plans
2. The kitchen furniture and appliances
3. Installation and work for the installation of the kitchen

Once the order form is signed, the company agrees to deliver the food and the customer agrees to pay the price within the agreed time. If the purchase order does not comply with the legislation, the professional may incur a fine or a questioning of the validity of the document.

The obligations of the cook

  • The duty to inform

According to art. L. 111-1 of the Consumer Code, the professional cook has the obligation to inform and advise the client.

  • The respect of the deadlines

If the delivery delay are not respected and exceed 7 days, the customer has two possibilities:
1. cancel your order purely and simply
2. request compensation, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, and recover the deposit paid. But beware this right goes out after 60 days.

  • Hidden defects

The defects of conformity works or furniture may result in compensation, cancellation or replacement of the furniture and installation.

Legal sources
Article L 216-1 and following of the Consumer Code
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