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One of the main tasks of the real estate agent is to organize the visits of the property he has the mandate to potentially sell or rent. Return on the organization of these visits.

The commitment of the agent by the mandate of sale or rental management

The agent has, in some ways, a role of commercial agent on behalf of the principal, owner of a real estate rented or for sale. He is the intermediary between an owner and a tenant, or between a seller and a buyer. Agent and principal are bound by what is known as a sales mandate, as part of a sale, and a lease management mandate in the context of a lease. It is Written and signed documents. If there is no warrant that is an agent and principal, a sale or lease may be considered void.
The mandate also defines the tasks entrusted to the mandatary

  • the legal, administrative and technical support of the principal
  • organization of visits and report of visit reports
  • the daily management of a rented property
  • the negotiation of sale, the organization of the sale, the signing of the compromise... of a good put on sale

Why organize visits to a property?

The organization of the visits of a real estate property is thus one of the first missions entrusted to the real estate agent. The visits organized, as part of a sale as a rental, are what will allow the sale or the rental of the given property. All the activity of the agent is around visits, looking for potential buyers to organize visits.
To know: within the framework of a rental management, the agent agent is in charge, beyond the visits, of the selection of the future tenant, of the reception of the candidatures to the checking of the references.

Focus on the voucher, proof of the agent's activity

During these visits, and more specifically when it comes to an offer for sale, the agent can have potential buyers sign what is called a visit card. The visit voucher, contrary to the mandate of sale, is not obligatory. However, it is proof to the principal that the agent has performed his role and his mission is to visit the property offered for sale. By signing this document, prospective purchasers acknowledge having visited the property with the professional agent, mandated for this purpose.

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