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The laundry room is a space apart in a house that can be modulated at will to obtain a space at once utilitarian, practical and design. How to properly organize and build a laundry? All our practical tips to find in this article.

Organize and build a laundry room

Organize and build a laundry room

Where to build a laundry?

Defining the location of the future laundry room is the first step in its development.

The ideal room where to install it remains the basement. Indeed, the noise and vibrations of household appliances are stifled for more peace in the house. If you do not have a basement, any other unoccupied room can do the trick, provided you invest in the installation of good sound insulation.

The chosen piece must meet a number of selection criteria. It is obligatorily equipped:

  • arrival and evacuation of water;
  • a specific electrical installation and a high-sensitivity circuit breaker;
  • ventilation (or at least a window).

Well organize a laundry

The laundry room is equipped of household appliances inescapable type washing machine and dryer. But it can also serve as a space for storing and ironing laundry.

To this end, it is interesting to include some adapted furniture, such as:

  • a laundry basket;
  • a clothes rack for clothes that can not be tumble-dried;
  • a sink for clothes washed by hand;
  • an ironing board (which can be fixed to the wall to optimize the space);
  • a table for folding dry clothes;
  • a storage cabinet for storing household products;
  • a wardrobe equipped with hangers.

How to decorate a laundry?

Although dedicated to household chores, the laundry room can also be tastefully decorated.

  • To illuminate and visually enlarge the roomwe opt for light or pastel shades (colored whites and bright shades).
  • For more originality, the laundry room is the ideal space to express your creativity by adding bright colors.
  • Installing a patterned curtain can be a good alternative to hide shelves on which are stored the cleaning products.
  • To be usual, the laundry room must be well lit and can be equipped with original lighting that we would not have dared to another room in the house.

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