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    Framework sagging

    A sagging frame may be a sign of a future collapse of the roof. And if the frame, in other words the frame of your home collapses, it is the whole housing that suffers. Back on this phenomenon, and the gestures that make it possible to avoid it. What are the factors of a collapse of the framework?

      The extractor hood

      Any kitchen must be equipped with a hood. It is usually placed above your cooking plates to eliminate all the vapors and odors associated with your kitchen. Focus on extractor hoods, and their peculiarities. What is a fume hood? An extractor hood is a fume hood, which is usually placed above the hob in a kitchen, equipped with a suction and exhaust system.

        Salon New Ately by Alinéa

        For your living room, dare the industrial style decor! To succeed in reproducing this atmosphere, it is enough to find furniture combining wood and metal, as here with the coffee table. Some decorative elements can accentuate this style, such as the large metal wall clock. Salon New Ately by Alinéa View the picture gallery: Decorative ideas for your living room

          Traditional wooden kitchens

          For authentic, warm and friendly cuisine: solid wood is the material you need. Focus on the kitchens of yesteryear, those of our grandparents, traditional wooden kitchens. Traditional wooden kitchens What is a traditional wooden kitchens? A traditional wooden kitchen is fitted with kitchen furniture entirely in solid wood or with only veneers made of solid wood planks.

            Lay out a bathroom under the eaves

            Bedroom, games room, office but also bathroom! This cozy space nestled under the roof offers many possibilities and it is quite possible to arrange a bathroom in the eaves. Point on the constraints that must be taken into account for a successful project... Develop a bathroom in the attic The attic, an atypical space for a bathroom Different elements make the attic a special space.

              Paint on wallpaper

              Painting on wallpaper is quite possible but provided you meet certain conditions. It is essential to have a support perfectly healthy and in good condition, to prepare the wall and choose your paint well at the risk of seeing your wallpaper come off. Paint on wallpaper State of your wallpaper Before you start the operation, be sure to check the condition of your old wallpaper.