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In this article, discover our selection of garden furniture for the summer! - beyhanyazar

It's summer: discover our exclusive selection of garden furniture! This range of garden furniture has been carefully selected to help you develop your outdoor spaces. Among the essentials, the garden table and chairs sets allow you to fully enjoy the long summer evenings. Spotlight on our exclusive selection, which will delight garden aficionados and epicureans.

A relaxation area in the garden

In the wide range of furniture for outdoor use, the table and chairs set occupies a special place. Inviting to celebration and sharing, it is the gathering place for summer epicureans, longtime friends and big families. The set as a whole usually consists of a table and several seats, which allow everyone to sit comfortably and enjoy the outdoors at any time of the day. The garden furniture we have selected for you is a model of the Eastitan brand. It includes a set of four chairs and a round table with a wooden tray. The seat structure is made of stainless metal and has an elegant finish. Thanks to the quality of their materials, chairs are particularly resistant to water, UV or corrosion. The wooden table top, with a generous 127 cm diameter, is treated to withstand the least favorable weather conditions. It can stay in place all year, without fear of damage. This garden set can accommodate up to four people. The seats are embellished with cushions that offer appreciable comfort during long dinners or summer aperitifs.

For protected plants all year long

Which gardener could do without a greenhouse? If they have been indispensable since Roman antiquity, it is because the greenhouses have constantly evolved with time and technique. In ancient Rome, the greenhouse consisted of a cart covered with slates, to protect the plantations from frost. It was during the Renaissance that the first glass structures appeared. At the forefront of current technology, Itec-pro has selected a model of PVC garden greenhouse and PVC walls of Vertak brand. With three floors, this greenhouse offers a capacity of 0.4 m3, a surface that adapts perfectly to balconies, terraces, patios and all other small outdoor spaces. It allows to welcome serenely all types of vegetables and aromatic herbs. The proposed greenhouse model consists of a strong anti-rust steel structure and a UV-resistant flexible PVC tarpaulin for optimal durability. This portable greenhouse is easy to assemble and disassemble to take up as little space as possible when you decide to put it away. This adaptability makes it an essential element in the furnishing and organization of your garden or your vegetable garden in all seasons.

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