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Here is the alternative to the eternal round trips in the kitchen when you eat outside, because you always forget something. If your budget allows, you can set up an outdoor kitchen - or summer kitchen - in your garden.

The outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen

What are the types of outdoor kitchens?

As with traditional kitchens, there are many models, from the simplest to the most complex. There is a choice of either Hard kitchens installed in a small room open on the garden, or mobile kitchens, kind of elaborate barbecue Multifunction. The first are usually made of wood while the seconds are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing their durability and easy maintenance. These models are recovering in the winter.

The bespoke kitchen will meet your wishes and needs and match your tastes. It is created with the help of a professional. The price range can be very wide, it will depend on the layout, modules and equipment in appliances.

The trade also offers kitchens in kit to be assembled even. Depending on your plans, you can buy the items independently.

The summer kitchen must be installed on a stable and flat ground. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to provide a concrete screed.

Small tip that is important: be alert to the wind and plan aeration that will not disturb your neighbors.

Outdoor kitchen, significant benefits

The disadvantages of owning an outdoor kitchen are few, besides the investment that requires and the minimum maintenance required. On the other hand, the benefits are multiple. You can cook foods that you can not cook indoors because of strong odors, such as fish, fries, and more imagination: cooking outdoors inspires! The cook confined to the kitchen would no longer be isolated, the kitchen is a friendly place. You can just as easily install equipment that has no place in the house as a bread or pizza oven or a barbecue.

The outdoor kitchen is very convenient and can house aromatic plants in pot, it also allows you to enjoy your garden and your terrace.

A summer kitchen is placed almost anywhere in your garden: as an extension of the house, with access to the interior, at the edge of the pool, in continuity of the terrace in relation with the garden furniture.

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