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Essential element for the proper functioning of a split air conditioner, the outdoor unit is responsible for evacuating heat or cold from inside your home. Before installing it, think about its location and once installed, remember to maintain it regularly to avoid unnecessary failures.

How does the outside block of an air conditioner work?

Only split air conditioners are equipped with an outdoor unit. It is called outdoor because it is located outside the house. It can not work alone and is always connected by conduits to one or more indoor units. The primary function of an outdoor unit is to reject hot air (or cold air in the case of a reversible air conditioner) outside your home. The hot gas is sent by the indoor unit, it is then compressed by the compressor and condensed in the exchanger. The heat is released subsequently and the coolant returns to its liquid state before returning to the indoor unit. In the case of a reversible air conditioner, the refrigerant circuit is reversed.

Where to install the outside block of an air conditioner?

The outdoor unit of an air conditioner does not fit anywhere. Avoid too sunny places or too exposed to the winds. Also avoid placing it too close to the windows of the rooms and near the neighbors because it is quite noisy. The noise nuisance An outdoor air conditioner unit is included between 45 and 65 decibels. This corresponds to the decibels that could produce a lively conversation between two people. Fortunately, the indoor unit is much quieter (22 decibels). prefer a floor installation on a terrace or a balcony on a wall facade when there are no other possibilities.

How to maintain the outside block of an air conditioner?

The external unit of an air conditioner is subjected to climatic aggressions and it is important to maintain it regularly to ensure its proper functioning.
If you have signed a maintenance contract, a technician will take care of cleaning the units but regular maintenance is highly recommended. Remember to remove dead leaves and other debris stuck in the air vents. Empty and clean the condensate pan. Make sure the electrical cables are in good condition and clean the unit's cabinet with a damp sponge. By adopting these few actions, you will increase the life of your air conditioner and avoid certain breakdowns.

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