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Aesthetic and lightweight, this garment provides a gentle warmth while maintaining complete freedom of movement.

Buy a heating jacket for winter yards


While there are many models of vests, jackets are still rare on the market. Lightweight, well cut and available in six sizes (red or khaki), this garment is effective over a simple sweater, which allows to retain its freedom of movement. Zipped from the bottom up, the jacket protects the user from the lower back to the top of the neck. The heating zones (back and chest) are integrated in the multilayer fabric (95% polyester and 5% elastane). They feature three carbon wires and resistors powered by a 12V battery (the Red Lithium-Ion batteries developed by the manufacturer operate at a temperature of -18° C). An electronic regulator (soft plastic key) is used to modulate the heat. It emits four colored signals, each corresponding to a temperature: preheating / blinking white: 32° C, blue: 37° C, white: 42.7° C and red: 45.8° C.

Activation of heat

To use this garment in good conditions, it is necessary to supply the battery. Thirty minutes are enough to charge the batteries. The battery and its support are then connected to the electrical circuit by means of a plug and placed in the back pocket of the jacket. To activate preheating, simply press the electronic regulator for a few seconds. When the light stops flashing, the heating intensity is adjusted with the touch of a finger. Another prolonged press deactivates the system.

In use

The heat is felt as soon as the system is activated. It spreads evenly after a few minutes. The jacket with waterproof seams is both windproof, waterproof and water repellent. But, in high winds, it is better to tighten the adjustable cords at the bottom of the jacket, to avoid any cold air flow. The battery offers up to 6 hours of continuous heat per battery charge, and shows no signs of weakness even under a negative temperature.

DIY outfit: a modular heat jacket: modular

Three colors indicate the heating intensity of the resistors that a simple touch of the finger can change. To deactivate the heating, simply press and hold for a few seconds.

DIY outfit: a modular heat jacket: modular

The battery and its support mate with the electrical circuit by a small plug. They are then placed in a small waterproof pocket at the back of the jacket.

• 6 hours of continuous heat
• Fast charging of the batteries (30 min)
• Battery resistant up to -18° C
• Dry cleaning
• High price

Our opinion

Its price is intended primarily for professionals. But the do-it-yourselfer forced to work outside in a cold weather or doing winter gardening work will not regret his purchase!

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