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The terrace has the wind in its sails, and the wooden deck even more. The current craze for healthy, natural and warm materials like wood has led manufacturers to develop lighter, easier to install, affordable and durable products.

Laying a wooden deck

Warm and soft to the touch, the wood supports all climates, resists the particular conditions of the seaside, is of the most beautiful effect around the swimming pools and beautifully decorates the small urban balconies.
But it is a living material: it expands by taking moisture, retracts while drying and patina under the effect of the sun. For outdoor use, as is the case for a terrace exposed all year to the weather, the implementation must be carried out with perfectly controlled products and according to strict rules.
But with regular maintenance, such a work has a lifespan of up to thirty years. The game is worth the candle... Because the wooden terrace has no equal to dress a garden.
The many species and colors available, to which are added the multiple modes of installation, offer all the possibilities to equip on terrace the old houses, in a traditional style, like the most modern buildings, with very contemporary renderings.

A citizen material

wood labels

The use of wood in construction is good for our environment. First, because the wood permanently blocks CO2 in its structure, while it releases when the wood decomposes naturally or is burned. Secondly, because the use of wood goes in the direction of good forest management. Their sustainable exploitation is controlled and certified by the PEFC and FSC labels.
The felled trees are replanted, the renewal and diversity of species are controlled and, thanks to this, the wooded areas increase each year. Of all the building materials, wood has the best carbon footprint. Finally, most waste is recycled into energy or as a raw material: there is almost no waste.

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