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Among the wide range of ovens available today on the market, you will find ovens and built-in ovens. Back to the built-in oven, its advantages and disadvantages.

Built-in ovens

Built-in ovens

Presentation of the built-in oven

The built-in oven is opposed to the oven to be installed. The latter is simply placed on a worktop while the built-in oven fits into a kitchen cabinet. He fits in, hence his name.

Built-in ovens are available in all cooking and use modes. You will find built-in gas and electric ovens; convection, convection and steam ovens; pyrolysis furnaces, catalysis and manual cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages of the built-in oven

The built-in oven allows save space in your kitchen. Unlike its main competitor, the oven to ask, it fits perfectly between your kitchen furniture and your work plans to save you in ergonomics. Another advantage of the built-in oven, it you allows all types of cooking. It can be used safely and has little risk of burns. Especially since today, beyond the traditional flap door, you will find side door built-in ovens or drawer ovens with which the risk of burns is reduced.

Large built-in ovens, however, consume more than free-standing ovens with reduced capacity. Unlike the oven to be installed, the choice of location and the installation process need to be more thoughtful.

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The first thing to consider when buying a built-in oven is the kitchen cabinet's surface in which you want to integrate it. He must be able withstand high temperatures. The back of the oven should also allow good air circulation. The standard size of a built-in oven is 60 x 60 x 60. In fact, if you stay in the standard range, you can change the oven without worrying about the space you need.

The electrical connection device must comply with current standards, including safety standards. In this sense, it is recommended to use a professional for installation and electrical connections.

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