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When you choose your new oven, you will face two types of installation: the built-in oven and the oven. Back on the latter, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the oven to ask.

Cooking ovens and their cooking methods

What is called oven to ask is simply an oven with feet that arise on a table or, more generally, on a work plan. The countertop oven is opposed to the built-in built-in oven, recessed, in a kitchen cabinet.

The ovens to be installed are available in all heating systems: natural convection or convection heating. However, there are generally two types of oven whose size, small, allows installation to ask: the mini oven and microwave oven.

In which cases to use an oven to ask?

Countertop ovens are small in size and not bulky. They thus settle in the reduced spaces and in small kitchens. Like all types of oven, they allow you to cook, heat or defrost a dish. The only difference is that they take up less space.

Countertop ovens are also used as extra oven. They provide different and complementary cooking modes and features in the built-in oven. If you have a traditional convection built-in oven with natural convection for example, you could use a rotating fan oven with steaming option or grill to expand your capacity.

Advantages and disadvantages of ovens

As you will have understood, the oven to ask takes little space. Whether it's a microwave oven or a mini-oven, you can count between 15 and 45 liters of capacity. Their capacity being reduced, countertop ovens consume less energy than an oven of normal size.
Finally, the ovens to ask offer a complementarity of the cooking modes. They allow to widen your field of competence in cooking.

One of the main drawbacks is that its price depends on the options available to them. A multi-purpose oven will be much more expensive than a mini oven basic auxiliary oven. Another disadvantage, ovens to pose pose more risk of burning than a normal size oven.

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