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I have a problem with my Cumulus. Every time I make a machine, at the time of the emptying of the latter, water leaks at the siphon below the cumulus (we have disassembled it to empty and clean it, but it continues). At first it was about 50cl, now it runs 1.5l each draining of the machine to lift:-( Do you know where it can come from and how to fix it? A big thank you in advance!

At the description of the facts, it seems that it is about lifts of washing water coming from the machine. The water heater does not seem to be in question, the siphon located under the water heater serving only to collect the water that escapes from the safety group.
The line from the safety group is probably connected to the washing water drain pipe of the machine. It is likely that this pipe is clogged and partially clogged, which limits flow at each drain, and returns some of the wash water to the siphon of the safety group. So you have to open it.

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