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The protrusion of a roof is the advanced part of the roof, ie the one that protrudes slightly all around the roof. It can be ornamental and aesthetic, but above all it has a role of protection of the facade against the weather. Focus on the roof protrusion.

What is a roof projection?

Protruding means to overtake, to advance or to rise. The architectural projection is the part of an advanced wall, limb or ornament which exceeds out of what is called the bare walls. On a facade, for example, the projection means the advance of a balcony beyond the protective barrier or the projection of a window means the advance of the window outside the walls of the facade. The roof projection isin the same spirit, the part of the roof that protrudes and advances all around the roof. We can also hear the term Eave: that part of the roof that just protrudes out of the roof and the wall.

To know: on the roof, there is also what we call outcrops and herringbone projections.

What is the roof projection for?

The main function of the roof projection is to protect the walls of the facade, the windows as well as the doors from bad weather. The roof projection, like the eave, protects the space below the rain, snow or hail. It can also protect from the sun, and offer a shadow in the underwater space.

The roof projection protects you just as it protects the facade from the elements and the sun.

Roof projection and aesthetics

The roof protrusion and the underside of the roof protrusion may be Ornamental and decorativethey can be dressed to give a style and aesthetics to the facade of the house. The protrusion or decoration of the roof projection is mainly made of PVC or paneling.

Roofing is done at the time of construction of the frame and roof by professional carpenters or builders. For the construction of the frame, as for the construction of the protrusion of a roof, it is advisable to call a professional.

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