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Precautions must be taken before restarting a boiler after a longer or shorter gas break (from the supplier or a deliberate break before going on vacation). The start of a gas boiler must be done in a secure manner to maintain the proper functioning of the equipment and prevent leakage. Here are a few tips…

How to restart the boiler?

After a gas cut, first check that the boiler is in a "safe" phase. This step is facilitated in the event of a witness indicating the state of the device. It should be noted however that in some cases (in the event of a boiler failure or if there is no voltage), the indicator may remain off and not operate.

Do not expect the boiler to restart immediately even when the gas supply is restored. The delivery road of a boiler after a gas cut is not automatic. It is necessary to intervene manually on the installation in order to start the gas boiler. This includes unlocking the equipment safety relay.

Boiler ignition: a safe waiting time

After a gas cut, it is normal that the boiler does not start immediately. This delay results from a reduction of fuel at the level of the pipes or a air infiltration in the gas ducts.

Generally, several start-up tests are required for the boiler to run again. According to specialists, it is simply a safe waiting time. After 4 to 6 attempts, the boiler should normally start. If this is not the case after several tests, there may be (surely) a malfunction in the device. In this case, it is better to close all the ducts and call in a professional heating specialist to analyze the situation and diagnose the problem.

Can not start the gas boiler!

It is possible that a boiler failure is noted after the gas cut. If several attempts restart remain unsuccessful, it is wise to see the side of anti-leakage safety devices. There may also be a electronic failure.

In case of doubt, it is best to contact a specialist who will make the necessary checks and if necessary to replace the boiler. In this case, it is recommended to compare several quotes to choose the best quality / price, especially that there are ecological and efficient boilers benefiting from state subsidies and bonuses.