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Paint an exterior concrete or brick wall.

Particularly exposed to weather, dirt, light and wear, the exterior walls deserve to be painted with the utmost attention. They will give your home a warm, original or welcoming look. For greater efficiency it is better to do this kind of work in the summer.

Difficulty level:

Medium (or more if scaffolding).

Necessary tools:

A ladder or scaffold.
A pressure washer.
A soft brush.
A metal brush.
A hygrometer.
Fast cement.
A roll of adhesive.
Aqueous paint (more ecological, or synthetic).
A bin and a paint bucket.
A cloth.
Old clothes.
A wall roller.
Water or white spirit.
Watering can.

Step 1: Prepare the surface.

Wash your wall with the pressure washer and then remove the dust with a soft brush.
If necessary, scrape the saltpeter from the wall with a wire brush.
With a hygrometer, check the moisture content of your wall, which should not exceed 5%.
Check the join and repair it if it fails. Similarly, if you spot cracks, reload them using quick cement (for brick walls).
Protect frames from windows and other woodwork by covering them with adhesive.

Step 2: the painting.

Start by applying an undercoat of primary paint by painting up and down with roller back and forth movements. This layer will allow a cohesion between the wall and the finishing layer. Favor the thin layers and well distributed, to avoid extra thicknesses, and get a uniform appearance. Then apply a second coat of the color of your choice by cross-strapping using your roll. To finish, perform the smoothing with regular movements from top to bottom. Take the time to let paint dry between each coat. Remember to have darker paint for the bottom of the wall, more exposed to dirt.

Step 3: the finishes.

Remove the protective adhesive before the paint dries.
Clean up the traces of paint on the floor.
Correct the last imperfections with the brush.

Step 4: clean the equipment.

Wash the brushes and roller by soaking them in white spirit (for synthetic paint) or water (for water-based paint). Then rub them with soda lye. Rinse them with clean water, then let them dry before putting them away.

Video Instruction: How to paint exterior brick walls?