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Anti-humidity paint

The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms most exposed to humidity. Flows of cold water and especially hot water (condensation on cold walls), containment of vapors and condensation make "wet" parts. Kitchen hoods and bathroom vents should normally avoid this phenomenon. In practice they are often insufficient, when they are not simply non-existent or very under-sized. These two parts of the house therefore pose recurring problems of humidity with, in particular, the appearance of mold in the corners, evidence of insufficient ventilation. The preventive passage of a special paint makes it easy to remedy these inconveniences.

Anti-humidity paint: anti-humidity

To avoid possible problems related to the humidity of a kitchen, it is very advisable not to wait to see degradations to intervene. The paint "Dip waterproof moisture" can very well be used on a healthy background and already painted. In this case, it will have a preventive role.

Anti-humidity paint: moisture

On new and already painted bases, it is only necessary, if it is a lacquered finish, to sand it beforehand to obtain a good grip before passing two crossed layers at 6 hours interval of the anti-paint. humidity.

Anti-humidity paint: paint

It is often around the devices intended to fight it, that the humidity leaves traces. Thus around the hood, the exchanges and the deposit of the remains of vapors make this space, one of those who get dirty the faster.

Anti-humidity paint: humidity

On stale bottoms and already having moisture problems: stains, detachments, blistering or mold, it is necessary to carry out first of all the work of reinstatement of the funds then to pass the paint anti-molds which, in addition to its preventive power, mask any halos and moisture stains. Also check the condition of the sanitary or insulating joints and do not hesitate to remove them and replace them with new ones. On degraded and damp floors, restoration is necessary after the scraping and the destruction of the damaged funds. In case of traces of saltpeter, apply the anti-saltpeter treatment before the anti-mold finish paint. Repeat all joints.

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