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Paint baseboards

Painting its baseboards is a relatively simple operation to add a decorative touch to your interior.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Old newspapers, cartons or a plastic tarpaulin.
Masking tape of good quality.
Medium grain sandpaper.
A brush to rechampir.
A flat brush of medium size.
Special woodwork paint.
Saint-Marc type laundry.
A sponge.
An old rag.

Before starting work, remember to protect your floor with tarpaulin, newspapers or cardboard.

Step 1: preparing the surface.

If your skirting boards are rough, you'll just clean them with a little Saint-Marc laundry.
If the skirting boards are painted, varnished or stained, it will be necessary to sand them to remove the old layer of product with sandpaper, or even stripping them completely.
Once the baseboards are ready to receive the paint, do not forget to protect your wall with the masking tape.

Step 2: Paint baseboards.

Paint baseboards: baseboard

Start by painting the baseboard faces with the flat brush.
Then go to the top edge by painting it carefully with the brush to rechampir.
Let the paint dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, then gently peel it and pass a second coat.

Step 3: the finishes.

Finally, once the second layer is completely dry, gently remove masking tape, taking care not to tear off the paint.

Video Instruction: How to paint baseboards like a pro