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If for a long time, the ceiling has been relegated to the background and always painted white, it is now possible to dress colors. If the idea seems daring, it also has many advantages in terms of decoration. Why paint a ceiling in color and what are the different options available to you depending on the effect you are looking for?

Painting a ceiling in color

Painting a ceiling in color

Why paint a ceiling in color?

Even if the practice is not yet very developed, painting a ceiling in color has some advantages:

  • modify the volumes of a room: by playing on the colors of your ceiling, you can visually modify the space. If your ceiling is too high, paint it with a dark color in contrast to the light walls to alleviate this feeling of coldness and leaking upward.
  • enhance an architectural detail: coloring the ceiling allows you to enhance certain details such as moldings for example.
  • bring a touch of character: the color on the ceiling brings a graphic and modern side to the whole room
  • unify the room: by painting the ceiling in the same color as the walls, you create an intimate, warm atmosphere where you feel protected
  • delimit an area: it is possible to paint the ceiling in color to delimit an area of ​​your house or apartment (open kitchen, sleeping area)

If you still do not dare to color the ceiling, start by painting the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade than the one chosen for the walls. The visual break is barely perceptible but it allows to soften the room.

Painting a ceiling in color: the different options

The color chosen for your ceiling will depend on the effect you are looking for:

  • Walls and ceilings of the same color: this option is very modern and is ideal for small rooms because opting for the same color avoids the feeling of crushing. Provided you choose a light color. Dark colors lower the ceiling and visually smother.
  • Ceiling in the colors of the decor: to paint its ceiling in the same color as the sofa cushions or the carpet is very original and will bring a graphic side to the whole room.
  • Ceiling and a wall of the same color: painting the ceiling and a wall of one and the same color is very original and allows to emphasize a decorative element. This technique is often used as a headboard in a room.

Good to know: to paint a ceiling, it is better to use a satin paint that does not reflect too much light, masks defects and is easy to maintain.

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