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To paint household appliances

If the color of your household appliances does not suit you, it is possible to cool them at a lower cost with a suitable paint.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Steel wool.
Masking tape.
A flat brush of good quality or a roller with very short bristles (no foam).
An underlay adapted to the material of your device (special metal or plastic).
Bright glycero lacquer.

Step 1: Prepare the surface.

Unplug your device and install it on newspaper to protect your floor.
Start by cleaning and degreasing your appliance with acetone.
Protect knuckles, knobs, handles and hinges with masking tape.
Once the surface is perfectly clean and dry, sand it lightly with steel wool.
Dust the device then apply a well-stretched underlay, being careful not to paint the hinges

Step 2: Paint the surface.

Let the underlay dry according to the supplier's instructions.
Sand the surface gently with very fine grain abrasive.
Pass a first coat of paint by stretching it to the maximum.
Let the first coat dry and then sand again, always with very fine grain.
Finally, apply the second layer.

Video Instruction: Paint Appliances// Liquid Stainless Steel