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How to have a green grass when the drought is installed for several weeks and it is forbidden to water the lawns?
Water anyway? It's not eco-responsible.
And if you adopt lawn paint?

Painter his lawn as in the United States

In North America, the lawn is an institution in the same way as the fast food or skyscrapers of Manhattan. The country has about 65 million hectares of cultivated lawn. These green spaces, public or private, are more important than areas of cereal crops.
From the 1950s, for hide stunted grass, paint was used.
The first beneficiaries were golf courses, sports fields or cemeteries. With the periods of drought that California has known in recent years, individuals are also put to paint their lawns. And the rest of America has followed suit...
In 2001, China did not hesitate to do the same on the lawns of Beijing to favorably impress the IOC members come to study the candidacy of the city for the organization of the Olympics of 2008. And in 2014, the fields of football, the World Cup football in Brazil were also entitled to their dye!
So why not you?

Why paint your lawn?

If you find the idea fun, you'll find all kinds of reasons to paint your lawn. If on the other hand, you find it useless...

  • Paint your lawn, just to keep it very green! Because in our imagination, a green lawn is prettier, more alive than a space covered with yellow or brown grass.
  • It is also for save water. Once you have painted the lawn, you just have to water it just enough to make it live (70% savings announces a manufacturer).
  • It is also a way of enhance your home: You are organizing an outdoor party and you want to have an impeccable lawn. You will also have the opportunity to create patterns on the grass with stencils! To sell your home, you "put it on its 31" with a green lawn.

An ecological painting that resists for several months

The paint is considered ecological, non-toxic (especially for children or pets) and biodegradable.
It lasts from 3 to 5 months. It does not fade and does not fade in case of rain.
It's a vegetable dye based on algae and organic pigments.
It exists in different colors and not only in green!

How to paint your lawn?

The process is very simple. Once you get the dye, just mix it with water and spray:

  • Start by mowing the lawn.
  • Then eliminate, leaves, pebbles, dry grass, etc.
  • Protect around the lawn (terrace, driveway, curbs) so as not to tint them.
  • Mix the dye with water according to the manufacturer's recommendations and place in the sprayer.
  • Spray the product evenly about 50 cm above the ground.
  • Let dry a few hours.
  • Possibly give a second layer.

Your lawn is green for several months and you can use it quite normally.

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